25 Ways To Connect With Your Spouse

Jenni Mullinix gives us some great ways to connect with your spouse. Of course this isn’t an exhaustive list and they won’t all work with every couple. You should still give this list a look see if you’re interested with finding new ways to connect with your spouse. A few of my favorites are:

Get involved. With your spouse’s hobbies once in awhile. This is especially meaningful if your spouse knows you are not interested in their hobby, but are making an effort.

Go to bed early… And don’t go to sleep. We all know sex is an important aspect of marriage. It’s more than just physical. It connects you emotionally and spiritually as well. Try for more than once a week.

Have lunch together. Once a week, if you can. This doesn’t have to expensive or unhealthy. Take your sack lunch to a nearby park instead of heading to a restaurant.

Shower or take a bath together. Sorry if this offends anyone. It was mentioned in more than one article, so I felt that I should include it.

Have a Movie Night at home. Or make a day of it and have a Movie Marathon! Turn the phones off, wear something comfortable and snuggle up to a good movie and some popcorn (or whatever you want to eat).

Read more here:

25 Ways To Connect With Your Spouse | Simply Prudent.


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