Why I Love My Shower

Besides the inevitable cleaning part and feeling fresh, there are deeper thoughts of what I love about my shower.

It’s where I get to start my day. God says his mercies are new every morning and I feel as I am washing, his mercies are washing me clean from prior committed sins from the previous hours.

It’s my prayer closet. It’s where I go when I just want to stand under the water and think about God. Sometimes all I can say is the name Jesus and stand there and watch the water roll off my nose. There just seems to be healing in saying Jesus in those moments the hot water is steaming up the shower relaxing the tenseness in my life. I have as many prayers as the water droplets from the shower head and sometimes can’t verbalize them all. So I stand there as if to say each water that hit’s the shower floor represents a concern of mine. You know them God!

It’s where I go to cry. We all know no one can see us crying in the shower. The tears mix with the dirty water and all of my pain just seems to wash away. It seems to be therapeutic. I can cry about things and no one will know. I can shed tears and the drain wipes them all away. I don’t have to be ashamed with the washing of my tears in the shower. The shower nozzle pours out the prayers and the tears pour out the amens. It’s just me and the water and God.

It’s where I go to read the back of the shampoo bottle because I know my words aren’t suffice. I just stand there with my head under water and grab the bottle to read the ingredients hoping that the little bit of ingrediental knowledge would take me away to a far-away world even where Calgon can’t. (I made that word ingrediental up. If that bothers you don’t tell me, I may have to go take a shower over that.)

It’s where I go to laugh and sing. Those days when it just can’t get any better, the water has a purifying effect that delivers me to some unknown nirvana and I have to sing and laugh about the hilarity of my life. There’s absolutely nothing better than singing in the shower. I’m the king of pop in my shower. I’m the karaoke king in my shower. I am the American Idol in my shower. Laughter bounces and lyrics swell in my shower. It’s my greatness pouring out in my world. Nothing can take that away except the towel telling my shower/greatness is over!

It’s where I go to contemplate, to build argumentation. A whole argument can be dialogued in my shower. My side and the offending party’s side. I know exactly what they’d say to every approach I have to them. If I’m upset with someone, I go to my shower and have that argument. I build my case. I think. I plan. I rule out all the impossibilities. The shower is my courtroom. I am the judge all the time. Of course I have my way all the time too. It’s my court… my ruling overrides reality!

It’s where I go to dream. I take my life in there and dream of how I can be better. I dream of far away places. I dream of near spaces of enjoyment. I cast vision on the tiles of my shower. I take my life further than where it is and imagine life’s impossibilities make headway. I dream audacious dreams. Not just of casual desires but the big things. Then I read the back of the shampoo bottle. That’s where I find words I can’t pronounce and dream of being the one who created it. (I started with ingrediental.)

It’s where I go to cope with life’s responsibilities and my own anguish. I allow the water to pour over my head with my eyes open as if I was Ryan Gosling in The Notebook standing in the rain. I just stand there. I don’t really think about much except how the water feels and it never lets up. I think about how tomorrow it will feel the same way as it did yesterday. The water on my head rolling over my nose, dripping from my lips and it will be this way tomorrow because the shower doesn’t change. It lets me use it and doesn’t take offense. It will be the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, ready for me to let it flow over me so that I can cope with the day, laugh about my insanities, pray to God, and lose myself in its cascading waters.

I love my shower!


About Kevin Riner
child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged

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