10.28.12 Worship Rewind

Today I got to play my acoustic. Glory! I enjoy it so much I could tell the freedom I had and the ability to sing better and concentrate when I play my acoustic rather than my electric. With that being said, I have to give mad props to Kaven, our newest addition to the band. He plays the electric so I don’t have to. This week was a challenging week for him too because he had to learn two key intros that are somewhat important to setting the song up and he did amazing.

We started with Xtreme’s version of Victory in Jesus. It’s fun to play and has a great message. It’s only ramped up in dynamics but the chording and vocal melody is the same. So it’s not arranged too differently  I know when we have folks who’s been to church a lot in their life, they really like it when we play it. A little bit of tradition mixed with a new sound.

Our version of That’s Why We Praise Him is also a tad faster than Tommy Walker’s as well as more edgier. Tommy has a great bluesy sound going for him and I really dig that but we make it a little more dirty guitar driven. It’s a fun song to sing and it’s all about Jesus.

One again let me say Kaven knocked it out of the park with the intro to God You Reign. We met up on Thursday and spent an hour working on it. So he learned it pretty quick. It was definitely different playing this song on acoustic. I wasn’t sure what I would do but when I found my groove, it really made the song fill up. Something I always felt was it was missing something. He’s really gonna spoil me that’s for sure.

I went into I Surrender All. This is a great version from Brian Littrell, one of the singers in Backstreet Boys. If you haven’t heard this version, definitely check it out. Pastor Carlo always makes a point to tell us we are singing probably one of the biggest lies in the history of Christendom by singing this song. There is a lot of truth in what he says, because we normally say I will surrender all except… I like to sing it as a reminder that that’s what we’re supposed to do is surrender all. So when we are out and about in our daily lives, it might hit us that we just sang that song a few days back. I better do what I tell God I’m gonna do.

In the second service I got to sing Losing My Religion by R.E.M. That was fun to sing. Just last week I was singing that song running some errands and thought to myself what a great song to sing if we ever do a sermon on that sort of thing. Later, I got a text from Pastor Carlo asking my if I could do that song on a last-minute notice. That, my friends, is the Holy Spirit at work!

It was a good day to see everybody and worship with my church family.



About Kevin Riner
child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged

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