Wrestling With Tension

This past weekend I had the privilege to meet up with a soldier I once worshiped with at Ft. Campbell and he has now moved on to Ft. Bragg. We met in a small coffee shop inside a large church where I was attending a conference and rehashed old memories, talked about our fears and desires, encouraged one another and prayed for one another. I can not tell you what that meant to me. To feel that kind of camaraderie in another man/christian. I wished there was more of that in my life.

Of course being a military man he likes his guns so we spent some time discussing conspiracy theories that the American Government will take our guns away one day. He told me that when they do, he will go down in a blaze of glory. He’s a Texas man! They will not be taking his guns.

Now we don’t know what will happen and we can only think that if it does happen that we will stand on our own premises.

(Here’s where I will probably lose you if you have the same spirit)

I told him he was in a tension between following God and following himself. I told him I could not find anywhere in the bible that I had a right to my guns. But what I could find was that I was to respect governing authority, that I was to give to “Caesar” what’s Caesars and give to God what is rightfully His.

What that means to me is if the government wants to take my guns, then they can. I won’t like it but they can do it. It’s respecting the authority of the land B.U.T. (Behold the Ultimate Truth) if they wanted to take what God has rightfully given me, they can’t. What would that be? My salvation. My joy. My right to worship a God in my heart. My right to pray unceasingly. My love for others. Those things cannot be taken away. My guns? Yea, they can be taken.

My point is we all need to be wrestling with a tension between two things. It’s healthy. It keeps us motivated to making good decisions and become a better person. His tension is his right to hand over his guns or not. My tensions are being bold or being compassionate, being a pastor or being a friend, being a talker or being a listener, being right or being wrong.

So many tensions we can deal with and we should. If we’re not dealing with the tension of should I do what my flesh wants or follow the Spirit, then I would question your faith in Christ. I didn’t say I would judge. I would just simply question. Because we all need to be dealing with the tension between spirit and flesh.

What tensions are you dealing with today. I’ll try to lean toward listening rather than trying to give you an answer to your tension.


About Kevin Riner
child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged

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