11.25.12 Worship Rewind

So many thoughts and not sure I want to share them all. Bottom line I think we had a great Sunday. God moved I know. I met one lady who was visiting Xtreme for the first time and she said the message spoke volumes to her. She needed it. I got to pray with her after service because her husband is deployed and they had a black out. What that means is that somebody in his unit got killed and they blacked out all social media and phones till the family is informed of their soldier’s death. She was scared it was her husband till she got to talk to him this morning. So we know that God moved in Xtreme this morning regardless of the bass amp giving us fits and the pavement being resurfaced blocking off the entrance to the church.

We started off with Everlasting God. I love that we have an electric guitarist now. He can play all the riffs and I can focus on leading worship. Did I mention that I love that. I do. I love it A LOT!!! I’m also happy I didn’t get mixed up with the defender/deliverer words again. I seem to have a lot of trouble remembering which to sing and where.

I had previously decided to retire All We Need. I brought it back in because it fit the message and because I’m on acoustic, we can get a fresh arrangement from it. It worked well. Glad we brought that in because it created a seamless transition from the first song to the next two.

Coming out of All We Need, I asked Heather to play the “slow strings” pad on the keyboard. She did a phenomenal job as I read from Philippians 2:8-11. I spoke about there being no name greater than the name of Jesus. I invited everyone to pray with me over their own life full of problems and confess Jesus greater than their problems.

After that, Thomas counted us in for I Call Your Name and once again, I love that Kaven played that guitar riff and it left me to fill in the holes with the acoustic. When I first brought that song in, things just weren’t clicking so I threw it out. I’m glad we can play that song now. I love that song.

Lastly, we played 10,000 Reasons. I still think we need some work on tightening this song. It’s not there yet. I will chalk it up that we didn’t practice this song Wednesday night because we had to make room to work on our Christmas material for our Xtreme Family Christmas in two weeks.

Ultimately, it was a great Sunday amidst the distractions. God was glorified and He moved among us. And like the Hokey Pokey, that’s what it’s all about.


About Kevin Riner
child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged

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