The Ultimate Revenge

As some of you know I had my iPad stolen this past May. I’ve gone through numerous feelings trying to cope with it being gone. I’ve went from feeling It’s just a material thing to I could freaking kill the person. I hope they are being punished by karma even as I think this. God and I have taken some walks down spiritual lane discussing it. Even through this, one of my clients I have been given as of recently just spent four years in jail for theft. Let’s just say I’ve had to get over myself really quick and help this guy who has taken part in some evil sin that has been carried out on me leaving me in a depth or lack of feelings for those who think stealing is funny. I’ve actually stated that I hate any and all thieves.

I know what you’re thinking. Way to go pastor!

Last night, I laid in bed and again the idea of how thieves suck came up in my heart. I thought about where my iPad may be. Maybe it was in a pawn shop somewhere. Maybe it was in a pawn shop but some awesome father got a great deal and bought it for their child. Maybe some business man got an awesome deal and is now doing his finances and trip planning on it. Maybe the thief realized that it was password protected and couldn’t get into it so they slammed it and broke it and now it’s at the bottom of some landfill. Who knows where my beloved item of material lust is laying waste at. One of the hardest things I have had to experience is going somewhere with something I value only to return home without it. That stinks.

My mind then turned to the image it has built of the possible thief. In my mind I was the proverbial fly on the wall watching them come in and sift through my personal belongings and finding the iPad. What went through their mind as they looked around? Their heartbeat rose knowing they were about to swipe something that was not theirs. I only wished Dora could have been there to tell them, “Swiper, NO SWIPING!” Did they casually tuck it under their garments and walk out? Did they hide it in some towels? Who did they brag to when they walked away with it? Did they ever say anything?

My heart always darkens to revenge for them. Maybe it quit working and they had to trash it. Maybe they couldn’t break the code so they trashed it. Maybe they downloaded something on it and it let them know that it had been reported as a stolen iPad. I don’t know.

The Godly part of me just wants to tell them I forgive them. That it’s ok but it’s really not ok. My flesh wants to say they deserve to be punished but then the Godly part of me says I need to be punished for my sin too. There is not one person who hasn’t sinned. Yet why am I so vengeful? As I laid in bed last night, I thought about what would be the ultimate revenge for the person who stole my iPad and any others who are of the same heart full of sing. Then it came to me.


Isn’t it ironic? Don’t ya think? A little too(ooo) Ironic and yeah I really do think. That salvation through Christ would be the ultimate revenge. How is that? Think about it. If that person who loves what is everything evil; stealing, causing pain, hurting others, not caring, not loving, selfish, arrogant, hard-hearted, found salvation in Christ then all of a sudden their world would be changed upside down. They would learn the tension of fighting for the flesh and fighting for the Spirit. The Holy Spirit would tug on their heart and they would have to wrestle with sin. A new Spirit rules them and now sin wouldn’t be so easy. It would be a struggle to decide how to live.

Living in the Spirit would also mean that through repentance possibly others wouldn’t be hurt the same way. They would wrestle with wanting to steal again but hopefully they would listen to the Spirit and not steal. Leaving others without the pain or the hurt would be ultimate vengeance.

Maybe your asking yourself who the vengeance would be for. Because we’re not to wish ill will on others (Ephesians 4:31-32). We’re supposed to love others (Mark 12:31). Maybe you’re thinking that God is supposed to be the one to dish out revenge (Romas 12:19).

The vengeance I’m speaking of is the vengeance on Satan. It’s he who oppresses or possesses. He’s the one who tempts with things that are ungodly to hurt. He’s the one who wants to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10). He just uses people to do it. So when I speak of revenge, I mean to hurt the one who cause all the hurt.

We don’t war against flesh and blood meaning our battle, our ought is not against others (Ephesians 6:12). It’s against the one who prowls around like a lion seeking something or someone to devour (1 Peter 5:8).

I’m no different from anyone else. I’m flesh. I desire things of the flesh. I was a sinner. For me to wish revenge on another person would mean to say that I’m better than the other. I’m not. I’m in a better position though Christ, yes. But on my own, I’m no different and very well capable of doing the things any other person is willing to do to hurt someone.

I want vengeance but only to the one who deserves it. That would be Satan. For the person oppressed and tempted by the devil to act out ungodly acts, that person needs Jesus just like I do. The thief who stole my iPad needs Jesus just like I did and still do. I think if that person received Jesus, that would make Satan mad that he lost another person willing to do his crap work. That would make me happy, the person who received Jesus happy, and satan would be upset.

That would be the ultimate vengeance!


About Kevin Riner
child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged

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