12.30.12 Worship Rewind

xtreme worship

Awesome last service of 2012. We didn’t get to practice Wednesday but we did this morning. I hate doing that but our team is awesome and able to step up and rock last-minute. We did have some issues this morning but I think I’m growing in spirit and realizing what’s more important. My pedal board went out in the first service, I couldn’t find the key vocally in the second service, our pianist had a few missed notes, our bass player had a couple of bad notes, vocally-me and the BGV “crossed the streams” in the second service. (Do you get that Ghostbusters reference?) But we worshipped. I saw and it was good.

We started off with Look What You’ve Done. Kind of a strange song to start out with but my intention was looking back on the past year with hopes for the new year. In the first service we started without the pianist. She was busy and had to run up on stage. It was rather hilarious. I’m sure was a little embarrassing for her.

In the first service, I started Hosanna really slow. In the second service, I couldn’t find the vocal key and had to make fun of myself. I eventually had to start it like I normally do so I could get in the right key. Used to I would have thrown a fit over that but I’m learning what’s really important.

We did do some quick changes to the intro to Grace Like Rain. I thought it might sound good if Thomas our drummer started with four-on-the-floor. He thought it wouldn’t sound good and decided to try side shot on the snare with kick on the 1 and 3. That sounded way better while I did some finger picking over the chord progression. Sounded a lot better.

I didn’t speak any this week like I normally do. I kept rather quiet. So we went straight into Here I Am To Worship. The build during the whole song was awesome. When we got to the last chorus it was large and loud and just plain rocked. After we sang through the chorus three times we killed it and sang a chorus accapella then went through the first and second verse and chorus of Look What You Did. I think that went well. Solidified the idea that Here I Am/What Can I Do.

I enjoyed being back at church after a week off. I really need to make a goal of taking off more next year. I think it’s far more beneficial. It revives and freshens me to take time off.


About Kevin Riner
child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged

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