1.6.13 Worship Rewind

Worship Rewind 2013

We had an awesome day at Xtreme today. Pastor once again knocking it out of the park with the laying on of conviction (for me) about our 21 day fast. The music was right on and rocking and I believe God moved in some hearts today. I heard a few testimonies about changed lives today. Good stuff. That’s what church is all about.

Our main worship theme was God’s greatness and our peace and strength being found in Him through our 21 days of fasting and prayer..

We started the set off with Our God. Great song. Kaven our electric guitar done an amazing job of figuring those electric parts out and keeping the energy moving. He kind of lost it in the second service but still a great job. Lots of energy. I was able to focus on the lyrics instead of playing the parts he did like I did before he came along. I still give God LOTSA praise for him so I can focus on leading instead of rocking. Ha! I was ready to bust out a run around the church in the second service.

After the welcome, we went into Jesus Paid It All. The first time I have ever heard this song sound amazing was today. We’ve played this song a million times a few years ago but it never had the energy that it had today. Where’s my running shoes. Jayce, our BGV did a great job of supplying some harmonies that really filled out the song as well..

Your Love oh Lord was tight and full and I applaud once again for Kaven providing some electric in the verses to fill in some cracks but when the chorus came in he nailed it. This is such a great song and watching the second service worship when we sang it gave me chills. I actually stepped back from the mic so I could hear them sing. I love when the place is crowded and I get to hear my church worship. Those are the times when I’m just blown away and I was today.

The biggest thing I was scared, concerned, ecstatic and just pumped to sing was Because of Who You Are. We brought this song in back in 2011 when my vocals went caput and I asked Eddie Serrano to lead us for a couple of weeks. He showed me this song and I immediately fell in love with it. I wanted to continue doing it after those two weeks but I was scared I wouldn’t sing it near as well as Eddie or do it justice because it just as a lot of soul so I actually kept putting it off yet using it in my personal quiet times. I was convicted enough by the Spirit to finally step out and do it and I’m glad we did.

When I brought it in to the team, they all gave me that “really?” smile and were curious to see how I would do it. Our bass player nailed it with all the moving bass parts and I was able to sing it with no fear. I was nervous at first but I gave it to Him. I knew God was gonna use it and I was touched to hear so many good things about using that song after worship. I think we did an amazing job. So much for my fear.

If you were in first service, you may have heard a loud power chord right before the last song. Well.. let me explain. I have a loop pedal that I loop intros to a song so I can prepare to sing it or lay down a loop so I can focus on leading or worshiping and I don’t have to be playing while it is playing. I can program these loops into it and then “write” it so if it gets turned off those loops stay written down on the hard drive. Long story short, it got turned off and I forgot to “write” down the loop for Because of Who You Are and when I hit my pedal it went to the next loop that was programmed months ago. Needless to say that was for a much edgier song and there we get a royal screw up. Ha!

Thankfully, I’ve learned to overlook silly things like that. I immediately killed it and didn’t think twice about it. In sports, that’s called having a short memory. I also tried something new today. I actually wrote out a prayer for our tithes and offering rather than leaning on the moment to pray on the spot. More about this later. But to say it simple, it was far more liberating to pray a prepared prayer than go in the moment.

It was an awesome day. I’m thankful for my church and can’t wait to see what God has in store for this year of 2013. Also, I created a new Worship Rewind logo for the new year. Tell me what you think!









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