2.3.13 Worship Rewind

Worship Rewind 2013

This weekend, I got an opportunity serve soldiers at a get-away called Warrior Weekend. I led some worship today but today’s Worship Rewind is not about that. While the key leaders of Xtreme were away, our church had the first ever Youth Sunday. Our Revolution Youth leader Thomas brought the message and our Revolution Youth worship leader, Tony, brought the worship. These are Tony’s words.

Worship was really rocking this Sunday!

Delight- Radiant Worship 

This is a new song that everyone really enjoyed. People were singing along to it by the second chorus which is really great when you’re introducing something new.

Beautiful King- Jonathan Lee

This song is really fun to play. We had some hiccups in second service but it still went pretty good.

I Exalt Thee

As a worship leader it is great to watch people get lost in worship and that’s what happened with this song. In the verses I changed words like “thou” to “you” to give it a more contemporary feel

Like a Lion- Newsboys

The Revo Youth band play a really hard  loud rocking version of this song and it went great! I think I might have started to lose my voice by the end of worship ha.

Sing Sing Sing- Chris Tomlin

At the end of the message we played closed with this and God was really working. You could feel him in the room.

All in all service was great today. I hope  the youth gets to do something like this again.


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