2.10.13 Worship Rewind

Worship Rewind 2013

Main worship theme: God is forever for us and never leaves us in our garbage but redeems us to be more than we are for His glory.

I say it every time and I mean it every time. It was a great day at Xtreme.

We led off with Not To Us. This song sounded great. I was pleased with the tightness and fullness of our team on this one. I was watching in second service and loved to see our church was making their way to their seats but couldn’t quit shaking hands. Just something hit me that said, wow, our church really connects with one another. I loved it.

After the welcome, we went into Blessed Be Your Name. As we sang this song, I couldn’t help to see so many this song was speaking to. We’ve got so many folks at church hurting right now and this song was speaking volumes today.

To spring-board off the last song, we sang Whom Shall I Fear for the first time today at Xtreme. It was a great song to sing after Blessed Be Your Name.  We could use a little tightening up on this song but for the first time doing it, I thought it went very well. We have such an amazing and talented worship team. I really felt God was speaking to some folks through these songs.

Our second time doing Because of Who You Are. The one who showed this song to me was at church today and I was a tad nervous. But I’m good now. I think we did fine and I’m sure he thinks so too. He will be leading with us next week and I’m excited to have him lead our church in worship. He’s an amazing singer.

Like I said, I really think the songs spoke to folks today and I feel people walked away freed from some chains that’s ben holding them down. Our drummer seemed to have greasy hands in the first service and dropped a stick… twice. Lol Funny when things like that happened. I also missed our keyboard player who was running our computer today because our normal media lady was preaching with her husband, our pastor today and let me say they did an amazing job.

I’ll leave you with this thought I had today sitting on the couch after I got home. “If worship doesn’t continue when you leave the church building, then you spent your time in a social program. God’s not into social programs. He’s into giving life abundantly!”



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child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged

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