Sharing Your Faith


One of my favorite things to do is teach new Christians about God. I lead a Christianity 101 small group and we meet at Dunkin Donuts just to get out of the “church”. The other night as we were meeting, it was mentioned by one that he has a hard time sharing his faith. Maybe from the fear of disapproval by friends or being condemned for believing in “fables” or “myths”.

My response was that we have taken the idea of sharing our faith and turned it into cramming our religion. I’m sure that comes from older generations who were more legalistic in their beliefs in order to better control sinners. I’ve often mentioned it was man’s way of keeping one from even sinning by building a faux line miles away from the actual sin as to control others from sinning all together. For example, the bible doesn’t teach that you can’t drink. It just teaches us not to be a drunkard. In our legalism  we’ve (man) have drawn this line further out to say don’t even drink and you won’t even get drunk.

I digress. Back to my first thought.

Why is it so hard to share our faith? Maybe it’s fear. Maybe it’s the uncertainty of how to do it. Maybe it’s the sense of failure if it doesn’t “work” the first time we tell someone about what God has done in our lives. I’m not sure what would be your reasons for not sharing your faith but one of mine is simply the disinterest in watching eyes roll when I mention my spirituality.

I think this falls in the category of expecting our words and motions to accomplish something only the Holy Spirit can do. We expect someone to hear about our faith and immediately decide it’s for them. When in actuality, most will be turned off for our exuberance towards a mythical holy God. The bible simply behooves us to lift Him up and He will draw all to Him.

With that being said, I think the easiness of sharing our faith should be what we believe God has done in our lives for our betterment, then the Holy Spirit begins to move candidly into the hearts of those we’ve spoken to and begin a long journey on working them to finding faith in this Jesus we have spoken of.

Simply put, sharing our faith about Jesus is not about an evangelical movement to win others to Christ. It’s about sparking interest in a man who loved us so much He gave His life for us. It’s the role of the Holy Spirit to begin a good work in them just as He began a good work in us when we we’re first told about Jesus in whom we now worship.

So share your faith today with someone. Don’t win them to Christ. Don’t evangelize them. Don’t even offer Jesus to move into their heart (whatever that means). Just simply tell them of the brilliance of God’s favor in your life then let God do what He does so well.


About Kevin Riner
child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged

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