It’s Alright To Take It Offline

In fact it’s better.

I know. We are living in an ever-changing  always revolving world. New things are on our doorstep each day. All we care about is the next big thing five minutes after the last best thing quit being best. What’s next we’re always asking ourselves.

The problem with always looking for the next big thing is the pendulum always swings too far and there is never any balance. Unfortunately, we take the next best thing to our marriage. What began as a cute thing expressing our love and affection for our spouse online for the whole world to see has become the general forum to do so. We go online and profess our love and boast in our affections for those in our life that make it more than it could be and that’s ok… to a point.

  • We post our love with cute satirical phrases
  • we post pictures that express the grandness of our emotions
  • We post videos that speak the words we wished we’d thought of
  • We admonish and encourage in a Facebook post
  • We tell all the world how awesome our spouse is
  • We build them up to be the most precious thing in our lives


  • We never say one word to them when they get home from work
  • We never rub their back or feet and express to them selflessly how important they are
  • We never sneak up behind them and wrap our strong arms around them and kiss their neck
  • We never simply say I love you
  • We never show our affections in huge ways like watching that chick flick and laying on the couch together
  • We never do in person to say or show how much we love them online

Men (and ladies), I want to encourage you. Take it offline. Not permanently but ultimately let your love be known in person more so than digitally. Sometimes I think we put things online to reap rewards from others at how awesome a spouse we are. I know I have. I’ve decided to make it a point to make my tangible life more known than my digital life.

I’m not saying quit showing your spouse love online. I’m just encouraging you to spend more time in person acknowledging how awesome he/she is rather than online. Unless online is your spouse’s love language Then we may have another issue at hand.

Waylon Jennings said it best when he said, “Maybe it’s time we got back to the basics of love.”


About Kevin Riner
child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged

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