The View At The Top

I’ve recently gotten into hiking. I love camping and this is just another step in loving the great outdoors.Throwing a 30 lb. pack on your back and walking up to ten miles a day to see some awesome scenery or wildlife. It’s a lot of work walking up the hills but it pays off when you get to that certain spot where you just take a rest and look out and see what there is to see. As Benton MacKaye (rhymes with sky) once quipped about creating the Appalachian Trail, “to walk, to see and to see what you see.”

However just as in Bill Bryson‘s book A Walk In the Woods, not every hike is just a walk in the woods. In fact, if we want to see like Mackaye envisioned, it won’t be a walk but a true hike. It will involve work-hard work. It will involve strapping on the heavy pack and getting back to where civilization is not and seeing the true beauty and majesty of what nature has to provide; What God has majestically created. Which simply means if we want to see real beauty, it can’t be done on the couch.

If we want to see the heights and depths of the mountains and valleys, if we want to see the strength of the water falls, if we want to see nature in all her splendor, it will take work. If we want to see these majestic things spiritually in our lives, if we want to see the fruits of our labor manifested before our eyes, there has to be labor involved. You can’t see the beauty for yourself if you don’t leave the couch. TV and books doesn’t do God’s handiwork justice. You have to get out and work for the beautiful things in life. They won’t come to you.

In order to see the view of the world from the top, you’ll have to start your climb at the bottom. You’ll have to work hard climbing each step. You’ll have to put aside all that hinders you from reaching the summit and you’ll have to start. Trust me, the view at the top is way better than the view from the bottom. Happy trails!


About Kevin Riner
child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged

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