3.10.13 Worship Rewind

Worship Rewind 2013

It was a great day at Xtreme today. We had a guest speaker while Pastor Carlo was out of town. Chaplain Romine from 5th Special Forces spoke to us about five basic thoughts for our spiritual strengthening. It was great to have a fresh voice and I love listening to Chaplain Romine too. I first met him at Warrior’s Weekend, a three day getaway my church and two other churches put on for soldiers dealing with PTSD, anxieties, depression, or any other battle effected concerns.

Since our pianist was going to be out of town, I decided to step out of my norm and lead worship on piano. I messed up… A LOT!!! But I had fun doing it. One thing I learned is don’t not do something because you fear of failing. The only way to get better at something you’re not good at is to do it. I want to do it more so I can get better at leading worship on piano.

We started off with Hosanna. It sounded good. I didn’t mess up on that one. I’ve been playing it for a while now. I had a loop built for the intro but we couldn’t get it EQ’d right in the house so we dropped it and went with Thomas on drums carrying a beat and piano playing slightly. I really liked the way it turned out.

After announcements and welcome, I started playing Whom Shall I Fear. This wasn’t too bad on my part. I had a couple of goofs but nothing anybody would have recognized. I messed up a lot during rehearsal and was fearful of blowing it but it sounded pretty decent. I do think there is some more tightening we can do with that song.

We went straight into Agnus Dei. I was able to transpose the piano to the key of “A” and play it in the form of “G”. I was was a little scared I would forget to transpose after Agnus Dei but it worked out fine. I didn’t play the intro on piano because I couldn’t get it right in rehearsal so I played the simple chord structure and sang it. I love that Thomas and I haven’t played that song in a few years and it was like we never forgot what we did on that song. It was strong.

Before rehearsal, I looped some piano pads on Garage Band so I could speak on Psalm 103 before going into 10,000 Reasons. I thought this went over well. I did blow this song up on piano. I just couldn’t play it right for anything. It wasn’t bad enough that it was distracting but I knew I was hitting some wrong notes here and there.

The rest of the team did awesome today. Our guitarist (Kaven) brought in a different guitar to get a different sound and I was concerned because he had practiced with it. It turned out real well and the guitar sounded so much better than his other one. It might be a while before I play piano again but I definitely want to give it another shot. It was difficult paying attention to “leading” worship because I was too focused on playing and singing.

We also had a lot of folks out of church today. Attendance was real low. All I can say is they missed a great message by Chaplain Romine.


kevin on piano


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