3.17.13 Worship Rewind

Worship Rewind 2013

Another great day at Xtreme. It was good to have Pastor Carlo back after him being gone getting refreshed. Of course he brought the house down. Good word at a good time. I hated that our pianist Heather couldn’t play with us today. I’m sure she expected to but I got late news that our sound person (Ciera) wouldn’t be there and our Media person (Jaemi) had to miss second service so Heather being a team player stepped up to fill in positions that was needed rather than being on stage. Awesome example of team playing. We didn’t get a Wednesday night practice because I left Wednesday morning for a 30 mile backpacking hike at Land Between the Lakes. It was a real blast.

We started with Everlasting God. At first Kaven, our lead guitar forgot about the guitar lick he plays, but after rehearsal we refreshed how it went and he was quick to pick it up so he’d be able to play it during service. I was proud of that guy for doing so good. He’s playing his alternate guitar and it sounds way better than the Ibanez he was using. The song sounded good and it’s a fun song to sing.

After welcome and announcements, we went into Beautiful One. I felt like I was getting a good mix in the monitors. I only hope the house sounded good. I was told the bass was a little loud so in the second service, we turned the amp towards the wall to cut out some of the loudness. We don’t run the bass through the P.A. because it can’t handle the power. I also tried to schedule songs we were very familiar with since we weren’t getting a mid-week practice.

We then went into Father WIll You Come. The first three songs needed the keyboards and I was missing them but I’m thankful for such an awesome team who is willing to do what it takes to make worship run smoothly. I’m not sure what it was but for me, this song wasn’t as powerful as it had seemed it in the past. I only hope the Spirit was moving in people because I just didn’t feel the anointing this morning. I still enjoyed playing the songs.

The transition into Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus wasn’t very pretty for me. I dropped the ball trying to transition to that song. That happens occasionally. I also played it in B which is far below my key but I was capo’ed on the second fret and couldn’t take the capo off. I could have done it in E but like I said, I dropped the ball working it out. I’ll have to do better on transitions.

We had a great worship service. After the second service, we started something new. Once each month, we are dedicating Sunday to F.U.E.L. Sunday and packing Fuel bags for the kids we feed at the school behind us. It was awesome to see everyone stay and help pack bags. What normally takes an hour to an hour and a half only took 15-20 minutes. See what happens when everyone comes together to help?

Also, on Easter at Xtreme, we’ll be making a HUGE announcement. If you call Xtreme your home church or if you don’t go to church but you live in the Clarksville TN area, be at Xtreme. You will not want to miss what’s in store. I promise you the hype is not fake. This is a big deal!!!!


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