3.31.13 Worship Rewind

Worship Rewind 2013

What. A. Day. Today we celebrated. Man, did we celebrate? We celebrated Jesus and His resurrection. We celebrated life. We celebrated hope. We celebrated a newness in our church with a name change. We celebrated with our church family across the world because HE IS RISEN!

As much as I’d like to talk about each individual song, there’s nothing to say about a particular song. Everyone played tremendously well and the mix was better than it had ever been from what I heard. We’ve been having a lot of mix issues and today we made some changes and I couldn’t really tell you if they helped. Pastor Carlo brought in his personal drum set (which are far better than the house set). Mad props to our resident drummer, Thomas, for playing a new set on short notice. He did amazing.

I also told our sound girl to make the electric guitar just borderline obnoxious. I believe she did.I told Kaven, our electric guitarist that today’s worship set was going to ride on his shoulders. If he flopped, Jesus wouldn’t be resurrected but if he did well, Jesus would rise victorious. Jesus has risen and Kaven did awesome. Proud of that guy taking extra time to come in and nail down his parts.

Our bass was playing a little loud and we’ve been having some issues getting it mixed well. We don’t run it through the main mix because our speakers simply can’t handle the load. So it has to be mixed at the amp. I think we got that sounding pretty decent today.

Eddie dropped in for some BGV’s and knocked it out of the park Especially on our special song we did together, Moving Forward, in which we had some timing issues but made it through unscathed. We also had to rearrange some vocal harmonies for second service. I hate doing things last minute but it worked.

Lastly, it was good having keys in the mix again. Heather had been out a while serving in other areas or missing church and so I was real glad to have her back.

Lastly, about the name change. It was long overdue and as Pastor put it in his message, it was like this big rock in a field that we didn’t want to move but felt it was causing the biggest hindrance for our church moving forward. As much as I love the heritage of Xtreme, it was time to “move forward” and change the name of our church. I give you GraceLife Church.

GraceLife Logo 3


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child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged

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