Who Do You Think You Are book review



“You aren’t what’s been done to you but what Jesus has done for you. You aren’t what you do but what Jesus has done. What you do doesn’t determine who you are.” Mark Driscoll

I’m not sure Christians understand this liberating fact. We try so hard to find our identity in who we are, what we’ve accomplished, or what we are training to be when our identity simply falls in who Christ is and what he has done.

Who Do You Think You Are takes us on an in-depth study through Ephesians to show us that our identity is found in the work of Christ for the glory of God. Have you ever asked the question what am I here for, what is life about, what is my purpose?

I’ve had an identity crisis. I went through so many things of who I wanted to be struggling with where I fit in this world not realizing I don’t fit in at all. Christ calls us out of this world to be more than the world so we can shine light on who is bigger than this world. I struggled to find  my place, where I fit in, and what was I supposed to be doing when the whole time God had a purpose for me in that no matter what I did, my identity was in Him for Him.

When we find our identity in Christ, we no longer wonder, worry, have concerns, or feel restless about what our purpose is. Through Christ, we find that we have purpose, peace, passion, and personality. Mark does a great job of helping us see where our personal puzzle piece fits in to this huge puzzle we call life.

This is a great simple synopsis on Ephesians and I will definitely be turning to it if I need a great commentary on the book for bible study. You can pick up a copy on Amazon. In fact, I would highly advise it and grab your highlighter. You’re going to need it!

The fine folks at booksneeze.com gave me an opportunity to review this book for free.




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