Where Peace Is Found


Fear – the least experienced hikers labor under a yoke of fear and worry, cluttering their packs with devices they hope will duplicate the security of more familiar environments. Veteran hikers, whose packs are characteristically Spartan, have discovered that a well chosen poem or quotation, which weighs nothing once committed to memory, can provide more solace in the face of fear than a welter of gadgets and trinkets. -David Brill in As Far As the Eye Can See

Don’t we all do this spiritually? We try to find solace in material things rather than the God’s word. His word is truth. And through His word, God continually tells us that He is our shelter in stormy conditions, our fortress when the enemy attacks, and our rock to lean on in times of weakness yet we put so much effort in finding things outside God’s word to bring us peace when fear envelops us.

We walk through life with such heavy burdens on our shoulders yet Jesus himself said his burden is light. How often even I find myself searching for earthly things to bring me peace; my guitar, a good book, my tobacco pipe, consideration that my problems aren’t so bad in the light of others?

Yet Jesus tells us not to fear, He has overcome the world and so can we through Him. His faithfulness means He is willing. His promises means he has no intention to mislead us. Instead of finding solace in the things you can pack on your back, try finding peace in what you can pack in your heart; the word of God. It outweighs everything yet is light enough not to be burdensome.


About Kevin Riner
child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged

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