4.28.13 Worship Rewind

Worship Rewind 2013

Today was plain fun and awesome. During practice Wednesday, I felt something was missing besides the obvious. We had an abbreviated worship team so no drums, bass, nor electric guitar. But during Today Is the Day, I felt it need a little more than the acoustic and piano we were using. As we practiced I felt it needed a beat of some sort so I grabbed the extra bass drum we had at church and set it beside my rig and played it while I played guitar. First time I’ve ever done that and it sounded real cool. My pastor told me I was doing Mumford and Sons worship. I don’t listen to them. I hope that was a compliment. Also props for Eddie in taking the lead in the first verse, something he decided to do rather than let me. I love doubling up on songs like that.

After the welcome, we played Unchanging. I really like this song. I didn’t use the drum on this one but I was very tempted to. I’m not for overdoing a good thing.

During the first service I talked about spiritual things before going into Whom Shall I Fear but in the second service, I mention something nowhere near being spiritual about me and my wife’s hike this weekend and how we got rained on pretty hard but all I could do was sing this song. Sometimes you just have to be real with your church on a personal level and not so much spiritual. I think they connected and it showed in response as we sang.

We introduced Jesus At the Center today for the first time. I think it went over well as well as an awesome job by Eddie for leading us. He’s an amazing singer and does so well leading us in worship.

We had a guest speaker today Andrew Wharton and he had a simple but great reminder that the kingdom of God is about giving, grace, love and forgiveness. Loved watching the pinball machine today!

Also today we had our third class in GraceLife University. Ted did a great job helping us discover our spiritual gifts and I realized mine has changed drastically. I also realized I’m an I/S in DISC and my gifts are exhortation, hospitality, and worship. Coming in a very close second was pastoring and shepherding.

Good stuff!



About Kevin Riner
child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged

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