5.19.13 Worship Rewind

Worship Rewind 2013

Every few months, I get the opportunity to serve soldiers who have had a traumatic experience in battle and we help them by giving them spiritual tools to help them on the home front as well as the battle front. This retreat we go on is called Warrior Retreat. This weekend was awesome. Lives were changed and there were people stepping out of their shells to attempt to tackle the demons that haunt them each day.

For worship, it was just me on guitar. Everyone it seemed actually sang and sang out loud too. We just had a great time of worship this morning. I love how the song choices speak to the “warriors” that we minister to and afterwards, I had one guy tell me that out of everything that happened over the weekend, the worship was the best experience he had. That blows my mind and blesses my heart.

The weekend was also a good time of relaxation for me. I spent some time in the word, rode down a zip line (which scared the heck outta me) and went on a two-hour hike in the woods. I’m so excited that I get to be part of this amazing retreat every few months and look forward to more retreats. I hate it every time I have to leave but love knowing in a few months, I’ll be back again.

Big thanks for Tony, our youth worship leader, taking over reigns at GraceLife this weekend allowing me to be able to do this.


warrior retreat resize

Warrior Retreat


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