My Story

Last Sunday I got to share my story with our congregation at GraceLife. I’ve always said it’s not one of great adversity. I never had THAT moment where I thought if I get out of this I will live for Jesus going forward. I never had that story that could bring the house down in tears and wonder in how I made it out. There was never a pinnacle moment in my life that said it’s now or never.

My story is one of depression, fear of not being accepted, selfishness, and self-reliance. I wanted things done my way on my terms. I wanted others to thinking like me and be like me. Going into depression at fourteen years old gave me the impression that I am the author of my own happiness. That is why I became selfish and thought only of myself.

When I told my story, I also shared that in order to move forward, we have to allow God’s grace to affect out past, present and future. God’s grace is the only way we can let go and begin to move forward in Him. Self reliance or “self-help” is a joke because it’s impossible when the answers are in Jesus, not in ourselves.

Past: God’s grace breaks the chains of bondage and helps you move forward rather than being stuck in your past. What are some things you can’t let go of? What is keeping you living in the past? Let God’s grace cover them.

Present: God’s grace helps you live in the now. We can be stuck so easily of not living because fear has us pinned thinking why should I try when I know sin will creep in. Romans 6:1 tells us that should we continue sinning knowing that grace abounds, No we shouldn’t. Thankfully, God’s grace covers a multitude of sins. so we don’t have to live in fear if we sin. Live for the now.

Future: God’s grace helps us live out what God has called us to do.What is your calling? Are you living towards that? It’s only by God’s grace that we can move forward into that calling. I never thought I would lead worship in a church. It’s only by His grace that I went from rock star wannabe to worship leader. I never could have done that had God grace not affected my past and present and worked me towards my future.

You can listen to my message here. Here’s a short video I made of my journey. The soundtrack is a song called Try Again. It’s on the In God We Trust album from Lyrical Jenius, a band I played in.


About Kevin Riner
child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged

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