6.2.13 Worship Rewind

Worship Rewind 2013

Last week I had a very discouraging week. Allergies attacked me and made my sinuses flame up which led to an ear infection, a very painful ear infection. I dealt with a continuous headache for a week and a stuffy nose. I had folks praying for me and there was no sign of any relief. There were many times I wanted to have a “come to Jesus” talk with Jesus about his promises and all the healing he did in the bible and even today yet I was getting no relief. Each time I wanted to tell Jesus what I thought, all I could do was worship Him because of His goodness and how he’s been good to me in the past. When my mind said curse God, my heart said worship God.

Our drummer and pianist was visiting another church today because someone they knew were getting baptized  My pastor who’s an amazing drummer sat in with us. We began with Today Is the Day. I rarely play this song without a second vocal but today we had a trio and the church made up well without a back up vocal. Good stuff. I love hearing our church sing.

After the welcome, we played Let Me Sing. We haven’t played this song in a while. I wanna blame the meds I’m on because I seemed to zone out when I got to the chorus in the first service. I didn’t know where I was at in the song and had to back away from the mic. Gotta love those moments. When we were rehearsing before service, there was another song I totally zoned out and couldn’t remember if I actually sang the whole chorus right after I sang it. Call me loopy!

You Never Let Go was great. Had a few dynamic difference That’s what you get with two different drummers. That’s what I love about having different musicians in the church. Throw somebody different in the lineup and a familiar song can have its subtle differences.

Lastly, we went in Jesus At the Center. I’ve only sang this song once. The last time we played it, Eddie sang it so it was a little different with me on lead vocals. I really like this song. It easily has the tendency to do too many choruses or bridges. You have to watch that and not get carried away. I accidentally rushed the build in the first service and made sure I communicated where I was at in the second service. Something else that’s easy to do is assume your musicians know where you’re at and what you’re about to do. Constant communication from the worship leader is a great thing.

It was a great time of worship. Good to have our pastor back from a two-week stint away. I’m glad I was able to lead today. Still a little stuffy, some numbness in my cheek and teeth but everyday, it seems to be healing a little more. I’ll be glad to be over this mess.

Big Idea for today’s message was “If I take care of my character, my reputation will take care of me.”  We can find what a good character looks like in Ephesians 4:22-32. “In Christ, our character grows” – Pastor Carlo Serrano


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