6.16.13 Worship Rewind

Worship Rewind 2013

Happy Father’s Day! I get to celebrate the day being a father of a three year old. That’s exciting to me.

Looks like it was a Chris Tomlin day! Today during worship we had a great tome considering trying to regulate the bass amp, a broken guitar string, and a keyboard going out on the last song.

Before service as I was walking up on stage, I had a guy tell me to go play some great music. Thats his favorite part. So we did. We started off with Let God Arise. Thomas, our drummer, caught me off guard with the drums coming in four measures early. That’s not how we practiced it. I literally had to jump on my distortion pedal to get it fast enough. In the second service he caught me off guard because he played it like we did in practice and I was standing ready on the distortion pedal but he didn’t count in on the high hat like he normally does.

After welcome, we did a drawing for one man to sit in the man-cave we set up. That was real fun for a couple of guys getting to sit on a sofa and won a free cooler of beef jerky, chips, root bear and a few other things.

During Victory In Jesus, I broke a string during the first service. I broke the “D” and that’s not normal for me. I usually break the “A”. I believe it was cause because I had to rewrap it a few time when I restrung it a week ago. During the third verse, we play to the beat of the drummer only, so as I was singing the verse I tuned the other strings to be sure the last two songs weren’t out of tune.

I love the song Indescribable. We haven’t played it in a while. You could tell. Lol

Lastly, we played No Turning Back. I like this version of a classic hymn. It was a little difficult to play it during the first service with five strings.

Ultimately, we had a great day at GraceLife. Loved seeing the visitors and catching up with my church family.


Man-Cave   photo credit: Carlo Serrano

photo credit: Carlo Serrano


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