When Will the Civil War Stop

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At the beginning of the Civil War, Tennessee had a hard time deciding if they wanted to secede or not. Matter of fact, they were the last to secede and the first to join back to the union. This was due mainly to the fact East Tennesseans were union sympathizers and middle to west Tennesseans were confederate sympathizers. Needless to say a decision could not be made to secede or stay.

Near Dover, TN is Fort Donelson. Fort Donelson was not a very good fort largely in part by the Confederate political policy, which deemed it improper to build military installations in a state not necessarily a fully fledged member of the Confederacy. I like Civil War history but I don’t consider myself a buff. However I’ve been to Fort Donelson and many other forts and Fort Donelson pales in comparison to many other forts. I think it was a half-hearted attempt at creating a defense.

Fort Donelson housed 18,000 soldiers and was armed with 12 guns, only two of which could do any amount of damage to boats coming up the river, definitely much better fort than its counterpart just down the river, Fort Henry. The confederates had a line of command handicap with three generals unskilled and unexperienced in war. This proved devastating to the Confederacy at Fort Donelson.

The union surrounded the fort and after a few skirmishes General Pillow decided the only way to survive was to leave the fort and attempt to break through the Union lines. Pillow took roughly 10,000 men and headed towards General McClernarnd, pushed the Union line back west, then held open a path along the Clarksville road for the evacuation of most the Rebel forces. After the small battle, 1,500 bodies littered the ground and Pillow succeeded in creating the hole. Pillow decided to pull back his troops and give them rest claiming they were exhausted after the fight. This also proved to be another detriment for the Confederacy. General Grant of the Union immediately ordered a reattack resulting in a gain of position and a surrender of General Pillow.

As General U.S. Grant was riding back to his headquarters after the regain of position, he carefully guided his horse around the wounded from both armies awaiting attention. At one point he saw a wounded Union lieutenant trying to give a drink from his canteen to a wounded Confederate private who lay beside him. Grant dismounted, took a flask from one of his staff officers, and stooped down to give each of the wounded men a deep draught of brandy. He ordered stretchers to be brought up for them. After the general had remounted, he turned and noted that the stretcher bearers were apparently about to take the Union officer and leave the Confederate. “Take this Confederate, too!” he told them. “Take them both together, the war is over between them.”

Information was taken from Land Between the Lakes by Frank Smith

Let me tie this up. When I read this, I automatically wondered when our civil war will be over. When will

  • racism, sexism, and culturalism  be dead
  • straight and homosexuals get along
  • conservatives and liberals work together to make this country great again
  • young generation will respect the older generation and the older generation will encourage the young generation
  • the rich will help the poor and the poor will appreciate the rich
  • men will love their wives and wives will respect their husbands
  • religious fanatics stop killing in the name of God

Seriously folks, we shouldn’t be fighting one another. Our fight is not against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places. Ephesians 6:12


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