7.28.13 Worship Rewind

Worship Rewind 2013

We had our annual baptism picnic in the park today. I realized today is mine and Carrie’s fifth picnic in the park with our church. Wow! 5 years we’ve been in Clarksville. It’s crazy how time passes by so fast. I have to say I think this was probably my most favorite one of all.

We were planning having drums, bass, and acoustic guitar but someone ( I really won’t mention any names because I don’t want to forever enshrine their failure on the internet. ;P ) forgot to pick up the key to parks and recreation so we couldn’t turn the electricity on nor get any of the provided chairs and tables. However we made do and pulled some chairs and tables from the church and Thomas (drummer) and I led worship like old times, drums, brushes and an acoustic.

Today was one of the few times I have ever led worship without my lyric cheat sheets. It was liberating but scary all at the same time. It was also very different leading worship without standing in front of a microphone. I was able to move around a little more. That was fun.  And let me say, with so many distractions in an outside environment, it can sometimes feel like a concert rather than worship. Not our church. There was some worshiping going on. Awesome!

After worship, Pastor Carlo gave a great short message on baptism and then we walked down to the creek where Thomas and Pastor Carlo froze their hineys and baptized 7 people. Initially, there were only 4 that were planned. It’s amazing in the last two years only a handful were planned to get baptized and before we were finished, many more made a public profession or their faith in Christ. Amazing!

Then we ate, played corn-hole and visited with each other. It was so relaxed. Huge thanks to Ted for all the food prep. Without him, I’m sure we may have just a hotdog or two but he helps us have a feast. I’m hugely proud of my wife for taking the GraceLife Kids‘ Director position at church. They were separated from us during worship and during the message I could hear the kids having an amazing time. It was really cool to hear the kids having a good time.

Now after all that hard work of having fun all day, I think it’s nap time.


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child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged

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