Save The Drive-In


I don’t normally post on Saturday, but I think this is well worth it.

When I was young I used to go to the Drive-In. I loved it. We’d pack EVERYONE into the car, get through the gate, pull up and mount the little speaker on the window so we all could hear. Then the ruckus began. We needed popcorn, candy, burgers, cokes, use the bathroom, to play on the slides in front of the screen, go throw baseball till the movie started. It was a family event on Saturday nights.

As I grew older, the Drive-In became the place for dates. Mostly for my friends. I didn’t date that much but when I did find a girl who’d go out with me, it was the Drive-In we went to. We’d back the truck up, throw lawn chairs or an air mattress in the back and by then the speakers on the poles were outdated. Now you could listen to the movie on the local radio station. I had a nice system in my truck so I could jam out on the movie with the doors open.

My Drive-In wasn’t just any Drive-In. It was our Saturday nights! Joe Diffie even recorded a country music video there for his song Pickup Man. A few of my high school friends were even in the video.


All Drive-Ins are in fear of being made instinct because of the digital age. The projectors that the Drive-Ins use are being out dated due to movies transitioning from film to digital format. That means my hometown Drive-In could be put down like Old Yeller if we as a community don’t pull together and help out. It’s real simple. Honda is giving away five projectors. Yes, you heard me, HONDA is GIVING AWAY FIVE PROJECTORS to the top five Drive-Ins voted by us! There are 368 Drive-Ins left in America and only five will get a free one.


Go to You can search for LEWISBURG, TN and vote for the HIGHWAY 50 DRIVE-IN. You can also text in your vote by texting Vote56 to 444999 or click on the badge below and it will take you directly to voting for Hi-Way 50 Drive-In. You can vote once a day till September 10th, 2013.


Click here to vote for Hi-Way 50 Drive-In

Other ways you can help is…

  1. Pledge to visit your local Drive-In. What this does is builds revenue so just in case a Drive-In doesn’t win the vote, more money comes in to be able to purchase a projector that costs roughly $85,000.
  2. Spread the word. Tell everyone. Share this blog on Facebook and Twitter and that other place called Google+.
  3. Donate. All proceeds go directly to helping the Drive-Ins remain open

Don’t just sit there. CLICK ON SOMETHING!!!


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