8.25.13 Worship Rewind

Worship Rewind 2013

Another great day at GraceLife Church. Not for the obvious reasons though, like, great music, no distractions, no mess ups, or smooth transitions. We had all that. It was a great day for me because Ben Goodman brought two amazing messages and a bonus third message last night in a special workshop. It was a great day for me because I had to admit humility by apologizing for being rude to one of my band mates. It was a great day for me because God showed up in immeasurable ways. It was a great day for me because the prophecies given out today were all nails hit directly on the head and when I saw people getting their mail read by Ben, I couldn’t help but cry in agreement. It was just a great day!

In the first service we started off with Unchanging. Great song and a great way to get the energy moving early. We didn’t use this song in the second service because after the first service, I felt musical worship went a little long as well as giving Ben time, I decided to cut it in the second service. I didn’t necessarily cut it for Ben but overall, the worship felt like it went too long for our church.

In the second service we started with Here For You. It seemed like it wasn’t getting off the ground till the bridge hit. Then it took off. Starting service off with a slow song is sometimes tough. I know we as worship leaders make fun of ourselves by teasing at the idea of two fast songs, a mid tempo song, then a slow worshipful song, but there really is a good flow to that. So we stick to it.

We then went into Sweetly Broken. This is a favorite of our church but there were a lot of new folks today I don’t think have ever heard that song. It was kinda weird leading a song that typically is very participatory then today if felt like a deer in the headlights kinda song.

Lastly, we played Jesus At the Center. Not sure where my mind was but both services, I took my capo off after playing Sweetly Broken. I play Jesus At the Center with capo in the same place but I took it off resulting in dead air. I hate dead air. Actually, in the first service, I started the song in the wrong key because of it. Also, this song can be long, at least the way we play it so I think this contributed to pulling the first song. Our church is fashioned to about a 20-25 minute worship set. I timed the first service and we easily went 30 minutes. That’s why it felt long. That’s taking in consideration the welcome and announcements.

I was stoked to hear Ben Goodman today. I really loved the messages he brought. Everyday, I’m gonna wake up and ask God to fill me with the Holy Spirit and see what happens.


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child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged

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