Let’s Make A Deal

Yesterday I was thinking about the sporadic events of generosity that’s been presented to me over my life that are hard to forget. Those little moments that happen out of nowhere that put a small grin on your face and you forgive mankind for all the trash you’ve seen and think that there might actually be hope. I was thinking these little moments make life worth living and if everyone could live everyday with intention to make these little gestures happen how much more would life be worth living.

Yesterday, I had this very opportunity. Living in a neighborhood, we have our fair share of door-to-door salesmen knocking on our door and we learned for the most part if you tell them you rent, they’ll leave you alone. While I was outside smoking my pipe catching up on the latest news on my iPad, I had two young gentlemen approach me wanting to make money for their middle school by selling cookie dough. As they gave me their speal I wanted to so bad tell them to go away. Telling them I rented wouldn’t work for this. Then it came to me.

I told the young man I would make a deal with him. I would buy a bucket of cookie dough if he said yes to my deal. However, I didn’t give him my side of the deal. I simply told him he wouldn’t get in trouble, he wouldn’t get hurt, it would be fun, and all he had to do was show up. He hem-hawed around for about fifteen minutes telling me it was creepy and he wasn’t sure and that he would have to talk with his mom. I assured him if he called his mom, she would definitely say no. Another few minutes passed and he said he would make a deal with my deal.  Since I wouldn’t tell him what it was, I would have to tell his mom and his mom would tell him if he should do it or not but still not tell him what it was. I said deal.

He called his mom and I spoke with her and she said it was a great idea so when he got back on the phone with her, she told him to make the deal. He finally agreed to the deal not knowing what his side would be. I bought the cookie dough and finally told him what his obligation would be.

He had to come to church.

Yup, that was it. Just come to church and bring anyone you want so that you feel comfortable. He agreed and said he’d see me Sunday. I thought it was a good deal. I get cookies and he gets to hear about Jesus plus the money from the fundraiser.

Because of a strange situation, an act of kindness of a promising cookie purchase, he’ll never forget our conversation for the rest of his life and one day he may start worshiping Jesus, him and his family.



About Kevin Riner
child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged

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