V.I.P.s In My Life

There are people in my life that will never know the impact they made in my life. Since my outward expression of my inward faith, I have been graced by some amazing people who have long left my life. People move on in life. That’s the beauty of those whose feet bring the gospel. They are once in your life and then they are gone. However the impact they make is ongoing and never fails to leave you full when you need the encouragement that someone loves you, someone cares for you, or someone thinks it’s important to invest in your life. These folks are proof that the Church can make a huge difference in your life.

Mr. Duermeyer introduced me to Oswald Chamber’s My Utmost For His Highest. His book has been a staple in my walk with Christ as a supplemental study to my Bible Just as Mr. Duermeyer was a staple in my life when I first gave my life to Christ.

Scott Smith gave me a study bible and discipled me in prison ministry. I still have that bible 15 years later and use it in my studies and I still have a love for those who only got caught sinning.

Enrique, the prisoner at the Williamson County State Prison who I connected with because we both came from broken families. Because of you, I was made aware that just because you’re in prison, we are no different in the eyes of God. We both still need a redeemer.

Pastor Johnny had no clue that one day he asked a young kid to lead his church in worship and didn’t fall for the argument that that kid had no clue what he was doing would some day find his calling in doing just that, leading worship. Not that I boast in the accomplishments but I believe I’ve led  worship just about any where you can.

Mrs. Dot and Mrs. Jones taught me that the Pastor’s wife really runs the church ;). in other words they taught me that the woman beside the man of God can do mighty things and that that man of God needs her. He can’t do it alone. She is that help meet along side of him to be considered a great man of God.

Jimmy and Nina Franklin for introducing me to the love of Christ. Not just the idea that God loves us but the tangible love decorated with mercy, grace, and loving kindness with absolutely no judgement of who I am but a Godly vision of who I could be in Christ.

The college group I got to spend Christmas sharing goodies and singing carols in the neighborhood and finishing the night off watching Bean. Because of you guys who I’m sure would be the grace of God if we ever meet again for showing me that twenty somethings can love God with reckless abandonment. I didn’t know a relationship with God can look like that.

Surely not lastly but for now,

Mr. and Mrs. Warren. My how they taught me not to let my youth get in my way. They loved me just as I was and encouraged me in the faith to grow. They didn’t so much like my worship leading at first but upon building that relationship, they encouraged me to continue seeking God. They also taught me about faithfulness to the church, that even when you don’t feel like being there, a piece of someone’s heart is missing if you don’t show up. Church is a community and not about one person. They taught me a lot.


About Kevin Riner
child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged

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