10.13.13 Worship Rewind

Worship Rewind 2013

What a day we had at GraceLife.  There was a buzz in the air because we hyped up a huge announcement this week. We announced that GraceLife would be moving venues. It gives us more space, more opportunity, more reach, more availability, and more presence in our neighborhood and we are stoked to be able to do this with our financial burdened lightened.

For worship, we started off with Today Is the Day. All week I had planned to start with Jesus Loves Me, another GraceLife song. Instead I changed it this morning and we’ll be moving Jesus Loves Me to next week. I had fun playing some chops while singing this song. I had to take a moment to get down and worship with my guitar.

After the welcome, I read from Psalm 47:1. I explained to our congregation that we don’t clap to show appreciation for the band. We clap to show appreciation and worship to God. The verse also encourages us to shout praise so I encouraged the church to shout as well, then I encouraged them to shout welcomes at those sitting beside them. Fun!

So up at the top where I list the songs, I am most proud to say that the second song is an original GraceLife song. I can’t link it to anything and I am thankful to finally be able to play an original song of our church’s. I hope to write more as well. I really enjoyed worshiping with this song today.

We then went into Here For You. We left out the piano break because our pianist wasn’t with us. She was off rooting for her son in soccer. I hear he did pretty good. So way to go Gavin. This song rocked today.

Lastly, we played Because Of Who You Are and felt like I got Jesus-juked by Pastor in the second service when he spoke of God being worshiped also by who He is and not just because of what He does. It’s all in fun. Great song. The second service I caught the band off guard and went into a chorus with just the drums. I didn’t communicate it well and it was rough going in but it pulled out quickly and the song just really had the Spirit all over it.

In three weeks, we’ll being holding services at the Kleeman. I can’t wait to see what God is going to do with our move and how He’s going to bless our church and this community.

GraceLife Church move


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