No-Shave November Is Vanity

I’m sure Solomon wrote it somewhere in Ecclesiastes that No-Shave November was vanity. I’ll find it. Hold on!

What led me to even attempting No-Shave November were two things.

  1. I went on a trip and forgot my razor so I got a good head start.
  2. To prove its futility in my life

I have a lot of Cherokee in my blood. I can honestly say I’ve never seen a Cherokee Indian with a beard. Hence, why it is near impossible for me to grow one. I’d love to grow one. I think it definitely steeps the man-card but thankfully beards to not prove a man’s manliness. What really bugs me is it’s now a hip thing to grow a beard especially for musicians and I can’t play the game. I guess I’ve never been one to fall in the trappings of cultural trends and this is another sick joke God has played on me to keep me in line with my “differentness”.

However, I have lived my whole life ten years younger because folks can’t believe I’m four years from forty. So I have discovered the fountain of youth. It’s not a place. It’s what’s on your face. No hair and the occasional pimple. So if you want to look younger, don’t go out and get a plastic surgery. Just get hair removal and put some oil on your face so you’ll break out occasionally.

Regardless, I shaved this morning because I was tired of looking foolish with patches of hair and ten days from the month being over I believe I have proved my point. No-Shave November could be a full year for me and no difference would be made. The only reason I shave daily is so I don’t embarrass myself especially in a day and time where folks who can grow the beard do so and do it well. My hats off to you. When the baby face comes back in style, then I’ll feel a little more comfortably fitting in with everyone. Till then… Grow them beards, I think they look awesome!



About Kevin Riner
child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged

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