12.1.13 Worship Rewind

Worship Rewind 2013

I realized this morning what Pastor Carlo meant when he said a couple of weeks ago that the opportunity in setting up and tearing down each Sunday has created a new “small group” in that it has brought a lot of folks together who don’t normally do life together. It’s a real opportunity to hang out and talk and work together each Sunday on the setup team. I do love my church and the relationships it has brought. Today is no exception.

We began by singing Sing To the King which is an old song we used to do a lot. It took some time to relearn the arrangement. I know we didn’t go with the normal arrangement but I just could do it like we always had. I really felt in my spirit to do it differently and even to forget about how we’ve done it in the past. It worked out great and I’m thankful for a worship team that gets the idea that we don’t always have to do it like its been done.

After welcome, we played Holy Is the Lord and really sounded great. The whole team was very solid today at playing at the right spots and not overplaying the songs.

I loved singing I Stand Amazed this morning and Jayce, our BGVs knocked it out of the park with her harmonies. She’s come a long way. Proud of her.

We did two hymns this morning. It just worked out that way. We also played There Is a Fountain. This song is a fabulous song.

Again, everyone played solid today. Everything sounded great. I love the team I get to do ministry with.

In the big picture, all the songs promoted singing and our eternal life with God. I like to build set lists that tell a story either by supporting the message or leading us to what the message will be. Today’s set definitely told a story of our victory through Christ over satan and our eternal inheritance with God. It’s gonna be a great day when we get to see him face to face. Great day!

Changing gears, I’m sore all over from an 11 mile hike I did with a friend from church Friday and Saturday plus waking up a few days ago where I slept wrong on my back and it’s been hurting every since. Now, it’s time to go beat up my brain getting my philosophy homework finished.


About Kevin Riner
child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged

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