12.29.13 Worship Rewind

Worship Rewind 2013

It was a great last Sunday of 2013.  Pastor Carlo knocked it out of the park with an excellent message in Luke 2 finishing up the Christmas Story of Jesus getting his learning on at the temple. His son, Tony and I led worship on two acoustic guitars and gave the band a break.

We started off with Hosanna. Tony had issues with a connection in the DI box so he was in and out during the first song. He did add some vocals that sounded great. Tony is beginning to be a great all around musician.

After Welcome and Announcements (and getting Tony fixed up) we played Beautiful One again with Tony adding some vocals and simple guitar riffs.

We hadn’t played Indescribable in a while but it sounded good slowed down like we did it. Tony and I also played the piano riff on guitar together. That sounded really cool. I chorded the “C6” and played the piano riff and Tony doubled me. Sweet sound.

Last we played Amazing Grace. After church, I had a guy approach me and tell me that was his mother’s favorite song who died on December 23rd a few years ago and he told me how much he appreciated me playing it. I told him I appreciated hearing his story, thanked him and told him I really felt led during our planning process to do that song unsure why. Now I know!

Every Sunday, after packing everything in the trailer and carrying it to the storage unit, me and three other guys stand around talking and it has become as a small group we’ve created as the tear down team. It’s awesome and I’m glad to be in relationship with these guys. I can’t tell you how much I look forward to just leaning over the truck bed talking about anything and everything from the week. I love it.


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child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged

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