Titles are Illusory

I have different titles and I can’t live up to any of them. I easily fall short of the epicness (<- not a word) each title should convey. I find it very difficult to keep up with each one fulfilling each title throughout the day. They each pull in differing directions. One pulls an arm. Another pulls a leg. One pulls my mind. Another pulls my spirituality. I find it hard keeping up with each one with vigor. It’s a battle that I strain with each day. I cannot fulfill each title to its capacity. One will lack where the other will gain and most times the one lacking is the one that needs my greatest attention. Let me explain.

I’m a Husband – I easily make aggravate my wife because of the lack that I present in being the best husband. I tend to be selfish. I tend to be lazy. I tend to put the hu(h) in husband. I don’t tell her I love her enough. I don’t show my love enough. I fall flat when it comes to being Christ in our marriage dying to myself each day for my bride.

I’m a Father – I don’t play with my son enough. I tend to get aggravated when Woody has to constantly battle Buzz on the “mountain” playing King of the Hill and it never ends. Of course he wins… Over and over and over and over. I have lack of patience when he gets upset… at EVERYTHING.  My disdain for his deaf ear when he won’t listen is conclusory.

I’m a Pastor – I fall short of the glory of God ALL THE TIME and I have no right to shepherd, to give advice, to lead. When I stand before the church and speak or sing, I don’t measure up to the position.

I’m a Worship Leader – Same as above. However, in this department, I don’t have a musical degree. So when I give musical advice, I have to sing it or play it or describe it with bleeps and bumps and tadas and other silly sounds with hand gestures that make me look like I’m miming my way through a bad performance.

I’m a Career Counselor – I can give bad employment advice. I can be quick to anger when my clients deliberately don’t do what I ask them to do. I tend to be lazy in my preparedness and chalk it up as not having the gift of administration.

I’m a Brother – They live too far away to visit but I never call! Ever!

I’m a Son – I never call! EVER! (sorry Mom)

I’m a Friend –  I suck at friendships. I tend to be lazy in my investment in others. I listen a lot and forget easily. I can have a conversation and ask the same question three times before I realize it’s already been answered. I never call! Ever!

I’m an Enemy – I don’t necessarily have enemies, just folks I largely disagree with. The bible tells us to love our enemies. I struggle with those who are hugely different from me.  I’m getting better and have made huge strides but I still fall short from where I should be.

Titles are illusory. They make you seem you’re more than you are. They mislead others to believe that you are greater than you are. So others flock towards receiving a title and when they do, they just want to run from it. Titles also create a huge miscalculation when others meet you and you discuss your position with the church, family, or place of business. “You’re a pastor? I just saw you…” “You’re a husband. You were eying that…” ” You’re someone’s friend? Who would befriend you you…?”

If there is one title that we could be given that doesn’t mislead. I believe it would have to be

Child of God

I know what you’re thinking. That is preposterous. That is by far the biggest misleading ever. Christians are hypocrites. Christians lie. Christians are fake. Christians skip church and don’t pray or read their bible. There are so many things where Christians fall totally short of the title. I agree. But I didn’t say Christian. I said Child of God. (Hang with me)

When I am a child of God, it’s not by anything I have done with the exception of accepting Christ’s gospel (Although He still has a hand in helping us accept him). God does everything. There is no way to fall short of the title Child of God when it’s up to God to make sure that title is fulfilled because God doesn’t lack. God doesn’t fail. God doesn’t come up short at being God.

So being called a Child of God means He has done everything to make sure your role is fulfilled. He created us. He lived and suffered for us. He died for us. He arose for us. He sits at the right hand of God for us. He imputes His righteousness on us. When God looks at us he sees Christ. We can’t fall short because God doesn’t fall short.

This title is not illusory. It’s certain. It’s real. It’s fact. It’s TRUTH!





About Kevin Riner
child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged

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