3.9.14 Worship Rewind

Worship Rewind 2013

  • Unchanging – Chris Tomlin
  • Whom Shall I Fear (God of Angel Armies) – Chris Tomlin
  • Healer – Hillsong
  • I need Tee Every Hour – Hymn (GraceLife Worship arr.)

What an amazing time of worship today at GraceLife. Not just the singing either. The whole time gathering (which all of it is worship). God was moving and breaking chains all over the place. I saw people lift their hands to God who I never saw do that before. I saw people serve in new capacities. I watched discipleship happening. Spiritual growth is abundant at GraceLife.

We started off with Unchanging. Before we started, Thomas (drummer) asked for his monitors to be turned down just a hair. The monitor rack sits right in front of the drums so I obliged. Unfortunately, I turned mine down not realizing it so when we started the first song, I couldn’t hear anything and had to play the whole song without in-ears. I had to listen to the room sound and that was very difficult. Sorry if I sounded off and ruined it for ya, lol.

After welcome, we went into Whom Shall I Fear. I love this song and I watched people open up like never before during this song. People across the room were definitely engaging and really letting the song encourage them that we should have no fear because it is God who goes before us and stands behind us for complete protection. I believe people were really connecting with the message of this song this morning.

Jayce (BGV) read Psalm 32 while the band began to vamp behind her. It really sounded powerful to me. I loved it. We then went into Healer and again, I believe people were really connecting this morning with the songs, allowing the message to build and encourage. I love it when that happens. We were missing our keys player today who plays an integral part of this song. Tony (Bass) worked up her part and filled it the gaps. I was really amazed to hear him doing it. He’s a beast and it sounded great.

Lastly, we played a good ole hymn, I Need Thee Every Hour. I arranged it where each verse modulates up to the fourth chord in the I IV V progression. We play five verses and the last verse is back to the original key.  Really is pretty cool (if I may say so myself).

Pastor Carlo knocked it out of the park with the message on doubt in our Baggage series. Whoever brought the doughnuts today, thank you but you shouldn’t have.

“If you pray and talk more to Satan than you do God, something is wrong with your theology.” -Pastor Carlo.

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