I Love Baseball but I Love My Wife More

circa 2003

circa 2003

For those who know me, I am crazy about this sport where you toss a ball and a hitter swings a bat, hits the ball and runs around some bases hoping to score. It’s the only sport where the offense does not have control of the ball. It comes in different names (Baseball, Softball, T-ball, stickball) and different age leagues (Little League, High School, College, Minor League, and Major League). I’ve spent most of my life watching it and some of my life playing, coaching or umpiring. I’ve read the rule book for fun and actually have a copy of the original rule book from the 1880’s. I simply love this sport.

Occasionally, I get the opportunity to play men’s softball and I got that chance last night. When I showed up, I was told I would be playing catcher (my ultimate favorite position) and this was a league with stealing (does it get any better). We were the home team and by the time we were up to bat, we were down by 11 points. By the last inning, we had tied and took the lead. The opposing team went ahead in the last inning but we had one more at bat. We ultimately won with a walk off hit 20-19.

I went 2 for 4 with one RBI and a fielder’s choice. One guy got his first homerun. I had one guy steal on me and I attempted to gun him down. It would have been a bang-bang play but the pitcher caught it as I threw down. It was a great game and to come from behind twice to win felt so good.

After the game, I was handing the “coach” my jersey when he asked me if I wanted to play out the season. I remarked I would have to talk with my wife. He quickly grabbed my jersey and walked off.  I caught up with him later to clarify. I told him I would probably be able to play but needed to speak with my wife. I felt there was some feeling of “whooped” as most men tend to think when a man needs to discuss things with his wife. I immediately told him that it was important to me that my wife and I talk when a long-term commitment needs to be made.

A lot of men these days tend to think that they are the rulers of their household and what they say goes. It’s the culture my dad grew up in but today is different from then. Plus, I truly believe that my wife and I are one (Mark 10:7-9). This means any commitment to something that will last a while needs to be discussed to be sure we both agree. I can’t just run off and play softball with the expectation she will be fine staying with our three-year old.

Proverbs 15:22 says Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.

You want your marriage to fail. Don’t talk things over with your spouse and watch it crumble. Keep things from your spouse and keep running off to do your own thing without respect of your spouse’s opinion and watch your marriage implode.

I was not embarrassed to tell him that I needed to discuss it with my wife. She’s the most important person in my life aside from my child and God. We’ve simply decided that any long-term commitment MUST be discussed regardless of how exciting it may be.

I love baseball but I love my wife more.


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