6.1.14 Worship Rewind

Worship Rewind 2013

  • Let God Arise – Chris Tomlin
  • God Is Able – Hillsong
  • Overcome – Jeremy Camp
  • Jesus Be The Center – Israel Houghton

Through the summer we are not using the band. I find it liberating because having just two acoustics allows me to take a song where I feel led to go and not have to worry about turning a large ship on a dime. Today was a great day and definitely God-led especially in the planning process. I learned after the message that the songs really supported the message more than I intended.

Let God Arise started with Tony playing the intro and me coming in after a couple of measures. Tony sang the song and I sang harmonies. This song supported the message by statingPsalm 68 in the first verse.

After the welcome and announcements we played a new song called God Is Able. Again, I didn’t know that Pastor Carlo would title his message using the phrase God is able. I have liked this song for a while and decided to add it to our song list after attending a retreat a couple of weeks back where this song was used. It led me to Christ and had an effect on me and I realized I needed to utilize it at our church.

Tony began the intro to Overcome and I played the chords. I believe this is a powerful song for our church. GraceLife seems to connect with this song when we use it.

As I was singing Overcome, I heard God speaking to me that what Satan used for destruction, God used for redemption. So I shared with the church about how great God truly is in that sometimes Satan uses something to destroy us but God can utilize it to make us stronger. No matter what that may be, God can take what’s bad and make something good out of it.

We then sang Jesus Be The Center. This is a great song and a great reminder that it’s not about us but about Jesus.


Psalm 68:19-20

19 Praise be to the Lord, to God our Savior,
    who daily bears our burdens.
20 Our God is a God who saves;
    from the Sovereign Lord comes escape from death.


About Kevin Riner
child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged

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