If Christians Will Be There I Don’t Want To Go

When the Spaniards entered Cuba in 1511, they encountered chief Hatuey, who had fled with his people from Hispaniola to avoid them. Describing them to his people, he held up a basket of gold and jewels and said, “Behold, here is the God of the Christians.” Finally captured, he was tied to a stake to be burned to death. When a Franciscan friar told him that if he became a Christian he would go to heaven— a place of glory and eternal rest— and thus avoid hell, Hatuey inquired as to the destination of the Christians. Hearing that they too would be in heaven, “the [chief] at once said, without any more thought, that he did not wish to go there, but rather to hell so as not to be where Spaniards were, nor to see such cruel people” (Moreau 2004).

I know some folks who have the same feelings about Christians as Chief Hatuey. Maybe you’re one of them. In either case, I would highly encourage you, Christian, if you’re not being salt and light, your being pepper and darkness. Ok, I know that was cheesy but the sentiment remains; love and serve others and don’t be a jerk about it. Eternal life is too important to be concerned over your pettiness. There’s more at stake than personal satisfaction. Let’s be about God’s Kingdom and not our own.



Moreau, A. Scott; Corwin, Gary R.; McGee, Gary B. (2004-01-01). Introducing World Missions: A Biblical, Historical, and Practical Survey (Encountering Mission) (Kindle Locations 2714-2719). Baker Book Group – A. Kindle Edition.


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