7.6.14 Worship Rewind

Worship Rewind 2013

  • All We Need – Charlie Hall
  • Cornerstone – Hillsong
  • Mighty To Save – Hillsong
  • Nothing But the Blood – Hymn

Great day at GraceLife. This month I’m working with our backup Worship Leader to strengthen his craft and his skills at leading worship. He did great and I’m so proud of the musician and song leader he’s becoming. In this post I will give my thoughts then provide some of his thoughts at the end.

My thoughts

All We Need started a little rough. We lost tempo a couple of times but after we got moving it sounded fine. We both determined the dynamics of that song truly are missed without the full band.

Today is the first time we’ve used Cornerstone at GraceLife. I’ve led it for other events though. Tony keyed it down from “C” to “G” and it was a lot more comfortable at that range. I thought it went well too.

It was great to see everyone connecting during Mighty To Save. This song (I guess) is considered a classic now. Tony keyed this one down from “A” to “G” and he sang this one. During rehearsal I had to encourage him to make sure his voice was declaring what he was singing. During the verse it’s ok to sing softly about God’s compassion, mercy and forgiveness but make sure your voice is declaring during the chorus God’s strength to move mountains and save. There’s a lot that goes into worship leading most folks never think about.

Lastly, we tried something different with Nothing But the Blood. Tony sang it normal but I played up high on the neck of the guitar to give the song some flavor over top his chords. I thought it sounded great but looking out at the congregation it seemed that folks weren’t really connecting with the song.

Tony’s thoughts

All We Need – I thought this song was a little rough I lost the tempo a few times but it didn’t bomb.

Cornerstone – This is a song we’ve never led before at church and I think it went very well.

Might To Save – This song had a great impact on the congregation It always makes me glad when I see a great response in worship.

Nothing But the Blood – I feel like this song didn’t really connect this morning but it happens sometimes.

Overall, I think worship went fairly well and nobody had any major screw-ups.


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