Quit Trying To Be Normal

Excerpt taken from a blog post called “Missional Communities And Worship Services” by Alex Absalom

Worship Services Are Built By Missional Communities

One of our missional community leaders had this recent experience:

We had a Laundry of Love event at a laundromat in our community. Our families we went there to pass out quarters and snacks for those who were stuck in the building doing their laundry. It was snowing that day, which created an easy opening to conversation!

One of our group began talking with a guy about the weather, and how he wished it would warm up. In response, the guy said the cold was better for his wife because she had a bad breathing condition, which meant that in summer it was hard for her to be comfortable because there was no air conditioning in their home.

It just happened that this group member had a spare air-conditioning unit sitting in his garage, so he said he would give it to the guy in the laundromat. Phone numbers were exchanged, and a time scheduled to drop off and install the air conditioner. On that morning, more conversations took place, including a great dialogue about just why this unit was being given away so generously. The recipient couple kept saying how giving away an air conditioner was “just not normal”!

Out of that came a very natural opening to invite the couple to the missional community, but they expressed more interest in the weekend worship services. The member of the group was very happy to share not only the information, but also to arrange to meet them there to help settle them into the service. The couple who received the air-conditioning unit loved what they experienced, and have quickly become faithful attenders in our public worship services.



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