Maybe He Can

“Maybe Jesus can gather them all up and put them back together.”

This is what my four-year old said as we were driving away from our family reunion Saturday upon seeing all the leaves falling off the trees due to the storm coming through.

We all go through “storms” in our life and it feels like all the pieces are falling apart due to the torrential winds that accompany the storm. Winds of doubt, shame, fear, anger, pride, hurt, disease, pain, struggles or stress begin to pick up and it feels like life really isn’t worth living so let the winds just tear it all down and when the storms pass, we will just try to rebuild.

Loss of hope discourages us from even fighting. What’s the point. It will all crumble anyway. It won’t be like it was. It will never be the same. Trust has been broken. Faith has been stolen. There’s no chance of reconciliation.

But I don’t believe it has to be that way. God is a God of redemption. He redeemed the fall of Adam and Eve. He redeemed Abram after the terrible choice to sleep with Hagar. He redeemed the man of Moses after murder and escape. He redeemed Jacob, Hosea, Peter and Paul. He took moments that felt like a complete disaster and made them a talking point of redemption that would bring Him glory.

Maybe (no, more than likely) what you’re going through can be redeemed if God can have anything to do with it. Because in Him is hope, faith, redemption and newness of life. You’re not a total loss. We are not a total loss.

With all these pieces laying on the ground after a marital fight, divorce, loss of a job, homelessness, addiction, sexual confusion, car accident, cancer, disease, or mental issues such as depression, anxiety,  PTSD and so much more, there is a name greater than the name of your fear. That name is Jesus.

Can He pick them up and put them back together. Maybe He can. I’m sure He can.


About Kevin Riner
child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged

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