10.5.14 Worship Rewind

Worship Rewind 2013

  • Unchanged – Chris Tomlin
  • Lord of All – Kristian Stanfill
  • In Christ Alone – Stuart Townend

Another great day at GraceLife.  I alway look forward to hanging out with my church family. Truth be told there are days I don’t want to get out of bed. Especially when it’s raining or the weather has turned cold but I know that hanging out with my church family as we worship God together has the tendency to restore my soul and refresh me for the week.

As I write this, I am aware that I may not have many Worship Rewinds left as they traditionally have been. I have been writing these for years about the songs we sing and how the song service went but my transition from worship pastor to teaching pastor will soon come and the direction and layout will turn from songs to scripture. I look forward to the change but I also will miss the blessing of looking back through the years to see what songs were sung, the notes I have made on mishaps and musings as well as simply having a history of leading songs. That will soon come to pass and a new direction will take hold where I can then look back and see new work my family and I have begun.

With that being said, today was simply awesome. We sang a few songs, had communion and Pastor Carlo started a new series called Sola that simply rocked. I took away a few nuggets from today’s message.

I started the morning off with Unchanged. Nothing new or weird about this song. It sounded great. The worship team was really on key today and everyone sounded amazing.

After welcome, Tony led us in Lord of All. We “ping-ponged” the vocals. He sang the verses and chorus and I sang the pre-chorus and bridge. It was really cool and sounded great.

After Lord of All, the band sat down and I led the church in Communion. I really enjoying doing this. I remember the first time I got to lead the church in communion and I was scared to death. Now, it’s easy and not so nerve wrecking and I look forward to every opportunity.

After communion, we sang one more song. I led solo on guitar In Christ Alone. Our message today was Solus Christus, Christ Alone. I thought it was fitting to sing this song even though we have never done so before at GraceLife. Again, it was a fabulous day. After church, one of my friends took my wife, my son and I out for lunch. We decided to extend National Taco Day to today and continue the celebration.


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child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged

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