Christianity Is Simple

I love reading Amish Fiction. Beverly Lewis, Wanda Brunstetter, and Suzanne Woods Fisher are a few of my favorite authors. One thing I’ve come to realize in myself and others is the allure of living simple or “plain” as they call it. In today’s culture, we are bombarded with so much media, so many activities, and so much stuff that some, including myself, look hard for a reprieve and we find it in the Amish way of life.

There are some who even take a step of faith and plow themselves into the Amish culture thinking that they can just turn a switch and leave all the trappings of this world to others and take on a simple life. Ironically it’s not that simple and more than 90% turn back to the old way of living feeling they can’t do without such amenities such as electricity, cars, internet, cell phones and other gravitational customs of the English lifestyle.

Yet we’re still drawn to the simplistic lifestyle so we start cutting out all the excess fat that weighs down our life. We work through the house throwing all out all the unneeded baggage. We cut out all the extra activities in our life in order to save money and resources. We find ways to repurpose the stuff we previously called junk. All this for the goal of reaching something we desired but couldn’t fully commit to.

The Amish, for some, have created an unattainable dream, one the ensnares us to consider change so that we may reflect it in some degree.

Yet, I can’t find that same aspiration for the Christian lifestyle. Those who long for an Amish way of living do not do so for religious ambition but a less dramatic one. Yet, we Christians wonder why no one wants to be a Christian. Unlike the Amish, we open our church doors and wonder why they are not being flooded. We invite others into our culture and become sensitive when others turn a blind eye.  We tend to believe we have the answer for life yet the answer we provide does not answer the questions being asked. So we stress because people aren’t running to our culture that provides a yoke that is light and not burdensome. It’s, I dare say, simple. But we, Christians, make it complicated.

We put regulations and drawbacks on what Jesus considered fair for all. No one wants the Christian simplicity. It doesn’t provide what others are looking for because we have manipulated it to be more than what God intended. There must be an attendance to the meeting. There must be a strict adherence to law. There must be one way of living. There must be a life of poverty and weakness. There must be rules.

But the only rule I find is to Love God and love others. Yet the church said it’s too simple. We must make it more than that. We can’t have such simplicity in the faith. People want simplicity in a world that is overcome with abstract. Christians have the answer to that desire. Yet we are trying to answer the wrong questions.

The right answer is simply “Follow me!” How do we propagate the Christian culture? By alluding to the life giving and life leading simplicity of Christ.

Christianity really is that simple.


About Kevin Riner
child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged

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