Who Are You Today

When we were discussing moving to plant Village Church, I tried to find a way to transfer my job coaching skills. However, there were no job coaching positions where we were going. I was thumbing through Facebook and came across an article about a substitute teacher who was stapling his kids in class. I thought to myself I could do that.  Not the stapling part but being a substitute teacher. Upon doing a Google search to find the article, I found this is not an isolated case. It seems to happen quite often.

Fast-forward three months and I am always asked by other teachers, “Who are you today?” What they really mean is who are you substituting for. It’s like I don’t exist. I’m just a fill in, an authoritative figure or image with the same name. My typical response is the name of the teacher, not my own name. Just yesterday, the principle called the over the loudspeaker into my room for the teacher I was substituting for knowing well that she was absent. In other words, he called me by her name.

I can’t help to think in a small way that is the way we are to live our lives for Christ. We represent Him. We sacrifice daily for Him and His calling. When others see us they should see Jesus in our actions, our mannerisms, our love, and our speech.

That’s not to say that it takes away from who we were made to be. God uniquely created each of us with our own potential and desires. When we try to be who we are not, we are actually robbing God of the gift He gave us to be who He made us to be. It would be crass to slap God and say, “I don’t want the uniqueness you gave me.” I want to be someone else. I know I struggled with that for years.

But we do represent Him. Jesus never said we could be Him but he did say we could do more than he did (John 14:12), that we could have the same potential to make an impact just as He did and still does. 2 Corinthians 5:20 says we are Christ’s ambassadors. Therefore, everything we do in his name is a direct representation of Him. Let us therefore live worthy of that calling.





About Kevin Riner
child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged

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