An Interview With Levi

If you have a four-year old, I’m sure you are aware of how much they like to talk. I decided to take advantage of his talking and do a quick interview. Parenthesis are my attempts to clarify his point. Here is what he had to say about Jesus.

Who is Jesus: God

What do you think about Jesus: I think about him saving me from thunder. He knows thirteen. Maverick (our dog) will be thirteen. (Actually he’ll be eleven)

What else you think about Jesus: I think he helps me with rain and thunder. (It’s been raining a lot)
What else has he helped you with: He helps me with… When I break my toys he fixes them.
What about when you fell: From the bleachers? He saw me. He has good eyes. He can see down here. See he’s looking at us.
Oh. Do you love him: Yeah
Does he love you: Mm Hmm. Because he likes me. And he likes me to help people.
How do you know Jesus loves you: Hey, that’s like the song, Jesus Loves Me.
Can you sing it: No, no, no. Only in the dark. And only mommy can sing it.
What else do you think about Jesus: I think about how he helps me breathe. Because I couldn’t breathe when I was on the couch at my school.
So where is Jesus: Up there (points up).
Is he only up there: (Shakes his head up and down) with God.
What would you say to someone who doesn’t love Jesus: Everyone should love Jesus.
What would you say if someone said Jesus is not real: He (God) would say Bigfoot ain’t real.
Any last words you want to say about Jesus: No.

About Kevin Riner
child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged

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