The Blessed Life

Last week at Village Church, we briefly talked about what it means to be blessed. You know, that Christianese word that most people think means something it is not?  We throw around that word hardly knowing exactly what it means but it makes us sound like a Christian and makes others think we’re closer to God than we are.

Carlo Serrano said, “Many people equate blessings with the accumulation of status and stuff. However, while the Bible isn’t anti-stuff or anti-status, it does offer a perspective on blessing that is counter to what many of us think or practice.” To be blessed means that God makes us better off than we were. Wherever we are at in life, when God blesses us, we are helped, strengthened or made better off. A move of God does not send us backwards nor does it leave us stagnate but it moves us forward in a way that makes us better in light of who He is.

I’m blessed.

I get to teach at Village Church. I have a family who makes me better than I could ever be. This coming Sunday I get to teach at GraceLife in Clarksville, TN. Just a couple of days ago, a local pastor called me and asked if I would fill in for him on Sunday and Sunday night and had to turn it down because I would be out-of-town. I get to attend GCD where I am working on my Associates degree in Theology.

Doors are being opened. Opportunities are coming our way. I believe God is blessing our decision to move and start a church in a rural farming area where everyone seems to be affiliated with a church but we know there are many who are not. There is work to do here and doors are being opened to do just that.

Village church has some opportunities for outreach that I am excited about. People are hearing about us and wanting to come visit sometime. Although I am not much for transitional growth, if God is moving them here to help, then let them come.

Now, to be blessed is not to say there are no problems. I have my fair share of them. To name a few; work is hard to find, my 19-year-old truck is beginning to show its age, some crops in my garden didn’t come up, and there has been some misunderstanding of what our church is about.

But through it all, a blessed life starts at the end of myself. When I give myself up for the will of God in my life, then I begin to see everything as an opportunity to be helped, strengthened and made better off. That is an impossible goal if I still believe I can do everything on my own strength.
Problems don’t seem so big when I know the One who is bigger than my problems. Blessings seem greater than they are when I realize I am undeserving of them yet the grace of God still falls on me.
We are blessed to be a blessing to others. Therefore where we find the grace of God in our lives, we should be offering that same grace towards others so that they may live a blessed life which in turns has a cyclical effect.
Be blessed! I am.

About Kevin Riner
child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged

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