Hey, It Happened!

Every Sunday at Village Church, we ask two questions after the teaching.

  1. What is God saying to YOU? (Not to anyone around you, not what you think He’ saying to somebody else like a spouse or friend. What is He saying to YOU!!!)
  2. How will you apply what He is saying to you THIS week. (Not how you should have applied it last week nor how will you apply this in the future weeks to come. It needs to be an immediate application.)

Even I, the senior pastor (the only pastor), answer these questions so that I can be held accountable. We talked about how Saul basically had no heart for God and feared the people more. He wanted to please the people of Israel more than he wanted to please God and though he thought he was doing right in many situations he broke the simplest rule (we all break). He didn’t fully listen to God and obey. He partially listened and obeyed the parts he wanted to.

So when we asked these two questions at the end of the teaching, my answer was

  1. God is telling me not to fear man. In an area where having a church in your house, it can be easy not to talk about it because the fear of being misunderstood or thought a cult is high. Therefore, I felt God telling me don’t be a Saul. Don’t fear what others have to say about what I told you to do. Just simply listen and obey it.
  2. How will I apply it? I won’t shy away when the opportunity comes to talk about faith, church and especially Village Church.

But it happened!

I was at the local mechanic getting a new radiator put in my truck and I found myself in the waiting room with the cashier. We were alone and I was scanning the walls at all the decorations and signs hanging from the wall. I then saw what looked to me like two pieces of paper that looked like the front of a church bulletin.

I decided to strike up a conversation with her and hopefully move it towards what those papers were and ask her about her faith and where she worships. I asked her if she was the mechanics wife (because I saw a picture of the two together) and she said she was. Then we discussed her working there and her previous jobs. We made a connection because we both worked at the same factory at the same time but didn’t remember each other so we discussed that for a moment.

Just when I was about to ask her about the two pieces of paper, another man walks in and sits down. I had already started to say, “So tell me about…,” when the ding of the bell rang and the door opened. The man immediately took her attention and I immediately found myself staring at the papers again wondering.

I decided not to continue the conversation. He immediately began talking about his car and some of the cars he owned and I saw that door that was open to our conversation slammed right in my face. A few minutes later she had to leave to run some errands and wouldn’t return before I left.

I look back now and shake my head that I didn’t at least dig a little more about the papers with a Thomas Kincaid-like picture and a scripture on the front. I saw it as an opportunity lost. At least for a moment. Maybe I’ll get another chance but in some way, I feel like I squandered a moment in cowardice.

Hey, it happens.


About Kevin Riner
child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged

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