The Magic of Steven and the Goodness of God

Yesterday I got the great opportunity to see the “magic of Steven” at the school where I teach. He has a great story as well as being an accomplished magician. I used to do magic a few years ago. If some of you remember that, I do apologize.

He spends about 45 minutes or so doing a magic and he’s pretty hilarious as well. Then he stops for a moment to speak to the kids about the effects that drugs and alcohol had on his life. I wished you could have heard him tell his story. It impacted me because like him, I never grew up in a family where my mother and father were in the same household. I practically grew up with step-fathers and step-mothers.

Like Steven, I don’t blame my life for any failures because the negatives in my life have only made me stronger and able to deal with what life may throw at me. So I don’t live a life of a victim. I have been able to take those things and capitalize on them.

The point I want to briefly make is that my relationship with my father, like Steven’s, could have been better. I lived with him for only a few years before moving to my mom’s. Therefore my relationship was fractured. Living out of suitcases every other weekend to visit. I did get to play catch, listen to the Grand Ole Opry and take rides through the country on Saturday mornings. I do have some fond memories but for the most part, I didn’t wake up to see my father every morning before school. I didn’t get to have the father/son talks in my teen years. I didn’t get to sit at the dinner table and talk about our day.

My relationship with him today is better than it ever has been but mostly because I won’t let him fade away. I make an effort to see him, talk to him and share my love for him.

But unlike my earthly father relationship, my Heavenly Father relationship is outstanding. Mainly because he is faithful (1 Thess. 5:24). He won’t let me fade away. He won’t let me hide from him. He makes an effort to kindle our relationship and share his love for me. He is a father like no other because he never leaves me. He never forsakes me. He isn’t ashamed of me. He knows me. He loves me. He wants what’s best for me. He drives me, encourages me, leads me, sticks up for me and protects me (Deuteronomy 4:31, Psalm 68:5, Hebrews 2:11).

I’ve said it before in other blogs and I will say it again. If you, like I have, find it unsettling sometimes because of your experience with your earthly father, don’t let what’s wrong with him keep you from what’s right with the Heavenly Father.

As I sat there listening to Steven, I teared up. The struggles he faced and how he overcame them are inspiring. The troubles we all face with our parents shouldn’t persuade us to live a defeatist lifestyle. We can overcome through our Heavenly Father. He is worth putting our trust in and allowing Him to take us out of the pit and placing our feet on the stable rock (Psalm 40:2).

So trust in God, our Heavenly Father and check out Steven. He’s good.



About Kevin Riner
child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged

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