pipe smokingI am a child of God first and foremost. His influence in my life is the motivation and authorization of everything I do. I am a husband of one beautiful wife who has put up with me for thirteen years. I am the Father of one son who has put up with me for four years. I am the Pastor of Village Church. Author of Faith Debugged-Spiritual Insights From an Exterminator

This blog is about my walk with Christ. I may not have it all together but this blog helps me process my thoughts. I like to blog on all things church.




More about me just for fun– I love baseball. I’m one of the biggest St. Louis Cardinals fans you’ll ever meet. I’ve played, coached, and umpired baseball since I was 9 yrs old and I just can’t get enough of it. I have been playing music for 20 years and love all styles of music. I was raised on country so I really enjoy a good bluegrass band. I can’t get enough of the banjo. I like to write. I enjoy good music and good books. My favorite place in the world is on my deck with a good cup of coffee and a good tobacco in my pipe with a good book. I am also an avid hiker and you can check out my adventures over at FaithDeblistered.wordpress.com.


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  1. Greg says:

    Hey man, I saw on youtube that you have hiked the NS trail at LBL several times. I am wondering if you know a certain spot on the north side of the trail probably somewhere between duncan and rhodes bay. It was a cool spot that had a creek running through it with a downed tree. The downed tree fell over and made the water deeper, almost enough to swim in. It was sandy or gravel cant remember. I ask because a group of guys wants to camp there in march but we cant remember where it was.

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