Money by The Beatles

I found this in my voice memos and thought I would share it with you. I just hit record one day and this is what I played. Sometimes I amaze myself with my guitar playing. I’m not saying it’s flawless because there a couple of spots I wished I could take back. Nevertheless, I like it.



It’s nothing these days to find crossover artists or musicians doing their personal favorite genre stylings of a cover song from another genre. This is a classic (and not bad if I may say) example of a pop tune turned bluegrass. I had never heard of Hayloft (forgive me) until Nickel Creeks version showed up in my YouTube feed.

Original version by Mother Mother. The music got me. I loved it… Until they started singing. It’s catchy but it takes a few listens to find the appreciation it deserves.

Here’s the quasi-bluegrass version from the newest album of one of my favorite bluegrass bands, Nickel Creek

Here’s Nickel Creek doing Hayloft live. Definitely more bluegrassy but like one of the commenters stated, “This is not your grandaddy’s bluegrass.”




Our Way

Lately, there’s been a lot of talk about church, its purpose, if we should go or not, how important it is and more. So I wrote a song just briefly discussing my thoughts on why the church is so jacked up. It’s because sinful people are part of it. If it was just God involved it would be pure but God allows and desires His creation to be part of it and because of that we have the tendency to jack it up.

So I wrote a song about it. Wanna hear it? Here it goes.



Verse 1
We come from miles around
We come to stand our ground our way
Our way

Verse 2
This music that we play
The message that we preach is our way
Our way

And there is no room for you
To say what is truth

Forgive us where we stand
We try to understand your way
Your way

We see it like we do
Applied distorted truth as Your way
Your way

Verse 3
Can’t say we’re lovers of
Jesus and the Cross is not our way
Our way

The church is standing strong
Like the tower of Babel oh it’s our way
Our way

And we stand around
As it comes tumbling down

Royals (country version)

I Dream of Drumming

I can remember the first time I saw them. I was six years old. I was in a gym in little ole Petersburg, Tennessee. They were beautiful, at least to a six year old. I remember being mesmerized just sitting there watching them as they were played. I wanted to be that guy. I wanted to be hitting the skins. I wanted to be the guy with a button up shirt, boots and a mullet playing some random song by Alabama.

Since then, I always wanted to be a drummer. But you say I’m a guitar player. Yeah, I know. But that’s only because Daddy bought me a guitar rather than the drums I wanted for Christmas. I really do dream of drumming. I go into church and I’ll practice longer on drums than I do on guitar. I play the dash of my truck more than air guitar. I think and listen to drum patterns more than picking patterns.

I got my first guitar when I was thirteen but my first set of drums came when I tied some rolled fence wire to two trees for my high hat, turn a couple of bucket seats over and strapped two buckets to the seats for toms and hung a couple of tin garbage can tops between two trees for my cymbals and used some sticks I got handed from a concert I went to. I was a drummer in my heart.

Just yesterday, I made a comment to my pastor who is freakin amazing on drums that he plays air drums better than some play a real drum set. It’s so unbelievable how good that guy is and I’m lucky enough he doesn’t charge me to listen to him practice. I know when I enter heaven and God shows me to my mansion, in the foyer will sit a nice gold inlayed set of drums with the nicest zildjian cymbals (I like zildjian). When I sit down on that throne and grab them sticks and lay down the sickest beat you’ve ever heard (because we ARE in Heaven, I can play no wrong) I will weep with joy that I have truly entered in!

There’s something about this video that just sits me down and catches my attention. It’s solid. It’s simple and it makes me wished I was playing those drums.

I Wrote A Corporate Worship Song

I’ve written a lot of songs in my life. I mean a lot. I recorded four CDs. I’ve played in numerous bands and on numerous projects and I must say the hardest thing I have ever tried to accomplish is writing a corporate worship song. What makes it difficult for me is…

  1. I have the inner fear of being compared with the top 20 CCLI we already do at church.
  2. I can’t write simple vocal harmonies.
  3. Most of my guitar work is too complicated. I find it very hard to simplify my music.
  4. Do people really want to sing my words or just listen to them? Can they connect?
  5. There’s so many good worship songs out there already. Why write a new one?
  6. I have a hard time putting into words what my church needs to say.
  7. It’s all been done. Thanks Chris Tomlin, Paul Baloche, Hillsong and Jesus Culture. I’m not in the mood to regurgitate your creative style.
  8. Is my theology correct? Is it deep enough yet simple enough to understand?
  9. Am I called to be a corporate worship song writer?
  10. Can I write in a musical genre the church will connect with?

I’m sure I can think of more but that may be my top ten reasons for being too scared to attempt the worship song category of writing. However, I have been praying for a few years now for God to give me worship songs. I finally wrote one I’m willing to share with you. I would love to hear your honest opinion. The quality is not that great but that’s not the point. The point is to write. So take a listen and feel free to give a brutally honest opinion.


You are eternal
There is no end to your name
You are Father and Son
And Spirit the same
You are Savior
We live for your fame
You are
You are righteous
Perfect in all ways
You are worthy
Worthy of all praise
You are goodness
Throughout all our days
You are
So we lift up our voice to sing
We open our hearts to what you bring
Nothing compares to who you are
You alone are God
You are better
Better than life
You sustain us
When day turns to night
You are with us
To stay by our side
You are
So we lift up our voice to sing
We open our hearts to what you bring
Nothing compares to who you are
You alone are God


One of the best Christian rock songs of ALL TIME!!! Treat yourself! I got to see them before they were popular at The Rock in Alabama. This song just blows my socks off especially when they did it live.

Here’s their second best song of all time (according to me). This song changed my life. Give it a listen to.